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Fishing is a difficult task without having the superior quality and right kind of best trolling motor on your boat. The advanced technology has offered people with the most powerful trolling motors in order to make this job convenient and simple. The trolling motor includes two different parts such as motor and trolling. While speaking about trolling, it is an essential tool that brings you an excellent opportunity to fit it on your boat without facing any difficulties.

These electric trolling motors can easily be fixed to any angle of your yacht easily. Additionally, these can also be used for various purposes. There are many other uses make these trolling motors an ideal equipment for fishing. The best kind of motors makes it achievable for people to cross an entire lake easily. The following guide comes with a nice selection of top 5 best selling trolling motor reviews that not only simplify the searching tasks, but it also let you make a proper decision easily.


  • Outsunny 12V Fishing Boat Trolling Motor
  • Type: Saltwater/Freshwater
  • Voltage - 12 V
  • Maximum Thrust: 50 Lb
  • Shaft Length: 35 inches
  • Speeds: 5 Forward and 3 Reverse
  • Newport Vessels 55 Electric Trolling Motor
  • Type: Saltwater Resistant
  • Voltage 12V
  • Maximum Thrust: 55Lb
  • Shaft Length: 30 inches
  • Speeds: 5 Forward and 3 Reverse
  • Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Trolling Motor
  • Type: Freshwater
  • Voltage - 12 V
  • Maximum Thrust: 30 Lb
  • Shaft Length: 30 inches
  • Speeds: 5 Forward and 3 Reverse
  • MinnKota Powerdrive 45 V2 Trolling Motor
  • Type: Bow Mount/Foot Control
  • Voltage - 12 V
  • Maximum Thrust: 45 Lb
  • Shaft Length: 48 inches
  • Speeds: PowerDrive V2
  • Minn Kota Endura C2 50 Trolling Motor
  • Type: Freshwater
  • Voltage - 12 V
  • Maximum Thrust: 50 Lbs
  • Shaft Length: 36 inches
  • Speeds: 5 Forward and 3 Reverse

5 Best Trolling Motor Reviews


Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor

Are you seeking for the versatile and most effective trolling motor? This Newport vessel 55 pounds electric kayak trolling motor is the right choice for your individual requirements. Best Trolling MotorThe all-around use and the most versatile trolling motor are built with exceptional design concepts and superior quality materials. The best electric trolling motor is designed especially to fit various types of inflatable boats and other inflatable tenders, aluminum fishing boats, dinghies, kayaks and much more. It is important to note that this Newport vessels trolling motor include an adjustable thirty inches shaft length for better performance. Along with this, the electric trolling motor for kayak runs with any 12 V marine batteries or deep cycle battery.


  • The specially designed kayak electric trolling motor includes 55lb thrust
  • There are a 30-inch composite fiberglass and high-strength shaft available in this trolling motor
  • The electric trolling includes a heavy duty and most durable nylon mount
  • This small trolling motor has 8 speeds as well as runs on DC 12V
  • Sturdy all aluminum head as well as w/6-inch telescoping handle
  • It comes with stainless steel hardware to facilitate saltwater use
  • This trolling motor comes with the most effective and accurate 5 point LED battery meter.
  • It is fully salt water resistant


  • This most outstanding and effective trolling motor is fully lightweight
  • The portability is a major highlight of this electric trolling motor
  • It has the capability to fits all kind of small boats
  • The electric trolling motor of Newport Vessels also suits kayaks


  • This trolling motor can be only used in salt water
  • The size of this trolling motor is very small

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Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor

Endura C2 is one of the most effective and legendary performers which is designed to explore and last. Along with this, it also backed up with a better warranty. Trolling Motor ReviewsThis is the most outstanding trolling motor which comes with highly attractive specifications and excellent features. Along with this, it also allows you to get excellent performance and durable results. The most effective and transom mount trolling motor that will bring you the most durable results.  This is a small 12V trolling motor that provides three reverse speeds and five forward speeds. Additionally, it also offers anglers with utmost control. There is a signature cool and quiet power available in this motor. Moreover, it also offers enhanced battery life and simple operation.


  • This minn kota trolling motor features a six, inches and ergonomic telescoping handle for easy and comfortable steering
  • The lever lock bracket of this motor delivery a solid mount which is stronger than the conventional brackets
  • It has effective composite materials that resist warping, UV damage, and flexing
  • The tilt twist tiller of this motor features the natural ergonomic grip in order to deliver the best in the hands-on control for steering and speed
  • With three reverse speeds as well as five forward speeds, it put you in the command of your boat
  • Along with this, it also includes the indestructible composite shaft


  • It has quiet and cool power
  • This trolling motor includes increased battery power
  • It has durable motor life
  • This motor includes exceptional bearing system
  • It reduces friction
  • Additionally, it also cut down the fish-spooking noise
  • It has unique bearing system


  • This trolling motor is only perfect for small boats
  • The performance of this motor becomes poor if not maintained properly

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Outsunny 12V Transom Mounted 50-Pound Fishing Boat Trolling Motor

Every individual want to go for fishing with the right type of equipment and tools. best saltwater trolling motorIf you desire to make your fishing comfortable and convenient, you can use this best and specially designed trolling motor for pontoon boat, which is popularly known as Outsunny 12V Fishing Boat Trolling Motor. This 12V motor does not only offer 50 pounds of effective thrust, but it also cruises through saltwater or freshwater. These are the most attractive features that allow you to get a wonderful experience. There is a 6 inches telescoping handle available in this saltwater trolling motor that lets for 3 reverse speeds and five forward speeds. It can be easily mounted in 10 different positions along with lever lock bracket in order to make the installing task simpler.


  • This trolling motor consists of three reverse speeds as well as five forward speeds
  • There is a composite shaft available in this motor which is designed for durability
  • The Outsunny 12V Trolling Motor includes metal head for additional support
  • It has ten different positions for the lever lock bracket
  • The most reliable and superior trolling motor includes 6 inches of adjustable telescoping handle
  • This best transom mount trolling motor includes comfortable handle for enhanced steering
  • The most effective trolling motor requires proper assembly
  • The measurement of telescopic handle is 7.5″ – 11.25″ L
  • The pole diameter of this trolling motor is 34.5″L x 1.25″


  • This trolling motor is greater and compact, but it is available at attractive rates
  • It is simple to install
  • This trolling motor is light as well as quiet
  • The powerful motor bring durable and enhanced battery life


  • The running speed of this trolling motor is low
  • It requires proper care

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MinnKota Powerdrive 45 V2 Bow Mount Trolling Motor with Foot Control

If you desire to know about the specially designed trolling motor, you can read this passage carefully. best minn kota trolling motorThe following guide allows you to know about the most effective and outstanding trolling motor known as PowerDrive V2 Bow Mount trolling motor. This is a superior quality and excellent trolling motor that let you control the steering, speed, as well as momentary off/on with the ergonomic foot pedal of PowerDrive V2. The highest quality motor includes 18-inch cord and better waterproof rating. It is important to note that this unit can be effectively optimized by incorporating the quality MinnKota iPilot GPS positioning system.


  • The most outstanding trolling motor includes a bow mounting option
  • This PowerDrive V2 ergonomically built foot pedal controls steering, speed, and momentary off or on
  • This most effective trolling motor can be effectively optimized by incorporating the best MinnKota iPilot GPS positioning device
  • Deploy the assist level for simple deployment
  • Digital maximizer
  • This best bow mount trolling motor includes industry’s greatest IP68 waterproof rating
  • Along with this, the Motor also includes the 18-foot cord
  • Powerdrive 45 V2 Bow Mount Trolling Motor has the most outstanding and Unbreakable composite shaft
  • It is vital to note that this trolling motor includes 2-year warranty


  • This MinnKota Trolling Motor is one of the most affordable trolling motors that suits all budgets
  • The trolling motor runs smoothly
  • It is simple to upgrade
  • This trolling motor includes lots of effective features


  • This motor requires proper care and regular maintenance
  • It runs really great but feels very solid

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Minn Kota Endura C2 50 Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor

This Minn Kota Endura C2 50 is a uniquely designed and effective trolling motor that is designed to last for long time duration. best trolling motor for canoeThe most durable and outstanding transom mounted trolling motor comes with 36 inches shaft. Apart from that, it also has a 2-year warranty. The most reliable and superior quality trolling motor has lots of attractive specifications that let you enjoy great functionality. The Endura C2 trolling motor is extremely small, but it provides the five forward speeds as well as three reverse speeds.  The best type of trolling motor offers enhanced battery life as well as better motor’s life.


  • This is a stunning trolling motor that includes 36 inches shaft
  • Along with this, it also comes with an effective telescoping handle
  • It features an ergonomic telescoping handle for easy and comfortable steering
  • The level lock bracket of this motor delivers you the rock-solid mount
  • The rock-solid mount of this trolling motor is very stronger and sturdy than the conventional brackets
  • This motor is designed by using effective composite materials that resist warping, UV damage, and flexing
  • The reliable trolling motor includes five forward speeds as well as three reverse speeds


  • It has indestructible composite shaft
  • This trolling motor includes quite as well as cool power
  • It has extended battery power
  • It facilitates cool operation
  • This trolling motor has longer motor life
  • It comes with large commutators as well as windings to easily dissipate heat


  • This motor requires regular maintenance
  • It will deliver poor performance if not serviced regularly

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How To Choose A Best Trolling Motor

Trolling motors are the most popular and highly preferred motors that make the boat more effective and versatile. These are the most attractive features of a trolling motor that cheer people to buy the right one. Choosing the perfect trolling motor is not an easy task because there are numerous choices available to select. To avoid the inappropriate trolling motor, you can consider some important aspects. The finest considerations not only narrow down the searches, but it also helps you to choose the right based on your individual requirements. The trolling motor is available in numerous models and they provide their individual set of features at different price points. You can do a smart research online and easily find out the durable trolling motor which makes your boat perfect for fishing.  When you decide to buy the good trolling motor, you can consider the specifications, performance factor, and other aspects.

  • Voltage

Generally, trolling motors have a voltage range of manifold of 12V, because it is very simple to join the batteries, as major 12V batteries are obtainable. The 12V motor is a fundamental kind of motor, as well as has minimal thrust when compared to 26 and 24 voltage batteries. Additionally, if you truly connect 36 or 24V batteries to 12 V, this will bring you additional thrust, as well as run time duration in the sea water. If you want to go for adventure or fishing, truly for more time duration, you can go for the durable battery voltage devices. You can utilize the trolling motor batteries that are designed especially for long lasting and deep cycle batteries because low-cost batteries can reduce your motor performance and efficiency. It is an excellent practice to utilize the genuine accessories such as trolling motor accessories for greater performance of a trolling motor and a battery.

  • Thrust

It is vital to note that a thrust is actually defined by pound force a trolling motor generates. This is an essential factor that truly decides what series you are actually going to purchase. Commonly, the motor have similar thrust level, you simply have to make a decision regarding the actual amount that should drive the boat. Along with this, you can also consider the location, wind, depth and weather condition which can affect the motor thrust.

  • Transom or bow mounted trolling motor

There are two different types of mounting options available in a trolling motor that includes bow as well as transom mounted options, so you can carefully choose the right one as per your own desire. While speaking about bow mounted motor, it is truly used for the long boats. The bow mounted motors can be used for extremely heavy purposes.

  • Hand control or foot control

 It is significant to note that the foot control is very simple because it brings you portability. If you plan to go for fishing, you can prefer the foot controlled trolling motor. These are the useful considerations that help you to choose the best rated trolling motor easily.


How Does Trolling Motor Works?

A motor works on the standard of electromagnetic induction. It is important to know about the motor parts before going to know about its working. The trolling motors have several parts such as motor, shaft, steering, tiller, propeller, mounting and battery connectors. This kind of trolling motor truly works similar to a normal motor.

When the trolling motor battery connectors are linked to a battery, the power passes via wires and reach the tiller that controls both the steering and speed of a motor. In the case of speed, steer and foot controls are exactly in a foot panel that comes straightly after the battery connectors. A motor is effective mounted on your boat by using a mounting mechanism. The motor wires actually go to a motor, effectively aligning to a shaft that brings a depth of your motor. While the current actually reaches motor, this begins rotating because of the current’s magnetic effect. The motor spins and therefore the propeller linked to the motor. Spinning propeller generates thrust that assist in easily moving you boat exactly on the side it is steered. The motor speed can be easily controlled by providing the sufficient range of charge that can be synchronized by the effective controllers.

The motor spins easily because its coil has current that generates a magnetic effect that is placed exactly between the motor magnets, including North and South Pole. Along with this, the polarity modifications while it crosses the quarter of a distance. This keeps on spinning until the bond is disturbed.

It is essential to note that the steering mechanism is difficult, as the boat actually moves to the contradictory side. If you are truly familiar with the trolling motors, you can operate it without any difficulties. The principle of trolling motor is same, but few motor includes certain add-ons in order to increase the performance.


Saltwater Trolling Motor

Advantages of a Saltwater Trolling Motor

The modern saltwater trolling motor is extremely quiet and powerful, which makes it an ideal choice when you want to avoid scaring fish away or precise maneuvering is required. It is intended for far more than inshore fishing, and offshore, it can be used to fish around bait pods and along weed lines.

To find the right motor, keep the following in mind:

  • Determine the amount of voltage you will need, and the weight and design of your boat, and purchase one, two, or three 12-volt batteries.
  • Consider your battery capacity. (A battery is similar to a gas tank because the power ought to be used economically and will also need to be replenished.) This will be based on your motor’s thrust, its “amp draw” and the amount of time you will use the motor. Motors like the Minn Kota Riptide series are made with Maximizer technology that provides as much as five times the power with a single battery charge when compared to a speed-coil motor, making them an economical choice.
  • Make sure that you have multi-stage battery charger to help in prolonging battery life. There is a wide range of solutions, and you can choose one based on your batteries’ recovery time and use.
  • Review the thrust of your motor, which measures the power that it can produce in pounds. For example, if you use 35% of available power at a certain speed with a 24-volt system, you will have more reserve power than someone with a 12-volt system.

You should also think about where you will mount your trolling motor and how you plan to use it. Make sure that the motor’s head is at knee height so that you can steer and control your boat easily, and submerge the foot 12 to 18 inches in the water. To determine the correct shaft length, measure the distance from the water’s surface to the deck top and add 18 to 24 inches. The mount for your trolling motor should also “through bolted” to the deck with a mounting plate, and a detachable bracket will allow you to take out the unit when it is not needed.

You will be making the final determination when it comes to a warranty for your motor, its maintenance, and its durability—and it add can enjoyment to your fishing day that a traditional outboard motor will never equal.


Sevylor Trolling Motor

A trolling motor is a self contained marine propulsion unit that has an electric motor, a propeller and controls for speed and can be positioned either at the bow or the stern of a boat. These may be gasoline powered or battery powered.

A Sevylor trolling motor is an electric positioning motor with which you can control a boat and would never need the paddles or oars. This is one of the best gadgets invented for a fishing boat. Boats never go in a straight line and it is always easy to pull a boat than push one. Also the bow of the boat can be moved sideways easily while moving the transom can be quite difficult. With a bow mounted Sevylor trolling motor you will have better control over the boat and its positioning. It also allows for quick response while controlling and positioning the boat. With quick and reliable after sales service, Sevylor trolling motor is undoubtedly the best buy.

The trolling motor model no SBM30 works from a powerful battery and has five forward speeds and two reverse speeds. It has a conventional transom C-clamp and is usable on fiberglass, wood and aluminum boats alike. It also has a twin blade weed free propeller that is made from a strong Polycarbonate material, which can produce up to thirty pounds of thrust. The battery and charger for this model have to be purchased separately. This Sevylor trolling motor can also be used on a sit on top kayak, the kind used in oceans. However it is not salt water rated. It also has 150% more power when compared to other models of this brand.

Another popular Trolling Motor model is the SBM18. This motor has a 12 volt battery and 15 A electric trolling motor. It suits small inflatable boats best and has a thrust of 18 pounds with 180 watts of power. Weighing 5.4 pounds, it has 2 speeds forward and 2 speeds reverse and is a total of 31.5 inches in size. It comes with a clamp that can be fitted to all kinds of boats; however clamping is not a necessity. It also has a transom or motor mount with a maximum opening of 5.7 inches. It is designed only for use in fresh water and has a two blade weed free propeller. To attach this motor on to a wooden transom, you would need 2 extra eye bolts to slide the steel shaft through. These motors come highly recommended. A simple search for reviews on the Sevylor trolling motor will prove that it has many satisfied customers.


Benefits of Using Good Trolling Motor

The best and effective trolling motor includes lots of advantages. The main advantage of trolling motor is that it will be there for you forever no matter which type of weather is, simply like your friend. It you choose the right type of trolling motor for a boat, it will bring you the most durable and excellent results. While speaking about the trolling motor, it is an ideal choice for your requirements, because it brings better thrust, speed, durability, power, and steering. If you want to know the major benefits of the perfect trolling motor, you can read this guide carefully.

  • Steering

The best trolling motor is really sensitive to all changes in the steering, as well as reacts immediately is truly considered effective. In few instances, drivers require to change their steering suddenly, whether it is excellent among the trolling motor, then this will take any time in order to turn in a safe way. The steering of trolling motors is easy going and smooth. There are two types of steering available that includes hand and foot. You can choose the foot controller whether the trolling motor can be receptive. The trolling motor has enough foot space, so you can consider it without any hesitation. When you prefer the hand steering, you can check its sensitivity and durability. Normally, hand steering is highly responsive and sensitive.

  • Performance

The most genuine trolling motor never compromise on the performance. The trolling motor performs well for both an instant as well as an entire day. It not only works effectively, but it also delivers you the maximum energy. The performance of the trolling motor depends on the boat weight, individual on it, water type, usage type and location.  The best and effective motor works properly and smoothly in any situation.

  • Speed

The most effective trolling motor has different speeds, such as backward and forward. Normally, you require going to the location, so you can give the complete throttle. The trolling motor speed should be substantial enough. Along with this, it should also have some speed variations. Generally, the highly effective trolling motors include five speed forward differences. Some instances, you need to take the reverse in few locations and turns, the effective trolling motor should have some essential variations in the reverse direction as well. The three-speed variations are available that is more than the requirement. The eight-speed trolling motors are currently everywhere, so you can choose the best one which has maximum speed and better variation.

  • Durability

Every motor is truly going to be the underwater for few time duration, it the motor not entirely corrosion proof, then its parts and shaft that are immersed under water are truly going to affect that could affect the life and performance. The body of trolling motor is stainless steel that is suggested for saltwater. Durability is highly essential because it will worth your investing. These are the most excellent and fantastic benefits of the trolling motor that perfectly suits all needs and requirements.



This guide helps people to know the key features, specifications and other useful details regarding the good quality trolling motors. These are the most significant details that help people to choose the highly appropriate and most effective trolling motor easily. It is vital to note that choosing the trolling motor can affect your boating experience in a direct way, so you can carefully choose the best and effective trolling motor. It is highly recommended to avoid the cheap trolling motors because it will completely affect your fishing experience. When you decide to buy the best quality trolling motor, you can analyze each and every aspect of the trolling motors that include thrust, power, durability, steering, and performance. The smart selection helps you to enjoy your water adventurous or fishing activity in an outstanding manner. These are the most significant aspects that help you to pick the best trolling motor without facing any difficulties.


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