Best Marine Battery Switch Reviews 2019- Top Picks

Boat owners now can get rid of the job of reconnecting wires by installing marine battery switches. With these, one can keep one’s boat fully charged while it flows on the water. This works better when the boat stays loaded with battery powered items like trolling motors, radio, lights etc. Well, if your boat is running too many gadgets on a single battery, you might have to install a switch in place. In doing so, you will not only be free from troubles but can also save money and even sustain sanity. If you are, therefore, planning to spend long hours in your boat, look for the good marine battery switch that will surely prove to be profitable.

Best Rated Marine Battery Switches Comparison Chart

  • Blue Sea Systems E-Series Battery Switches
  • IP66 waterproof, ISO 8846 And Meets ABYC requirements
  • Terminal Stud Size: 3/8" - 16
  • Safe For Installation Aboard Gasoline Powered Boats
  • BEP Battery Switches
  • Range Gives A Very Compact, Versatile Solution
  • Available With House Knob (OEM # 701B-HB) or Chassis Knob (OEM # 701B-CH)
  • Tin-Plated Copper Studs And Nuts
  • Perko 8501DP Marine Battery Selector Switch
  • Brand - Perko
  • Item Weight - 9.6 ounces
  • Item Model Number - 8501-DP

Top 3 Marine Battery Switch Reviews


Blue Sea Systems 350 Amp E-Series Battery Switches

If it’s time to add more power, safety, and efficiency to your boat, a 350-Ampere battery switch from Blue Sea Systems will now get your job done with perfection. With multiple installation options, this advanced switch comes equipped with a couple of mounting options. Belonging to E-series, this new-age switch has brought a sigh relief to its user in terms of its installation. best marine battery switchHigh on safety, their compact footprints are fire-proof and are usually kept in rooms of the gasoline-powered boat engine. There are other models that come equipped with an alternator field disconnect. This safeguards the alternator diodes from getting damaged in case the switch gets turned off accidentally with the engine still on.

What boat owners will love about this 350-Ampere switch is that they can alternate between 2 or 4 positions, whichever matches the needs of the boat. In fact, the copper terminal studs that are tin-plated are quite long to support multiple cables. Even they will be able to accept the required torque for establishing a secured connection, which lessens the amount of resistance. So, if you have been longing for that cool boat ride with your loved ones, delay no more and bring home this amazing battery boat switch and that also at a very pocket-friendly price.


  • Easy to use and install
  • Compact in size that makes it easier to carry
  • Fireproof that keeps it high on safety


  • 1+2 setting is not safe for the application

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BEP Marine Battery Switch

Nothing can beat the popularity of BEP battery switches that have been dominating the marine world for years. What’s best about these super durable switches is these are extremely easy to operate and install as well. Its hassle-free On/Off operation makes it an effortless job of turning the battery on and off. Just imagine those battery switches that run out of charge with a wink of an eye. best marine battery switch reviewsWith BEP battery switches, things are going to be just the opposite as they run at 48V DC and has a continuous running rate of 275A DC to run for 1 hour at a stretch. The feature that makes it a champ among other products is its patented contour locking system. This gives it the ability to be a standalone unit and also lets it lock together with other switches.

A lot of boat owners have also appreciated about the advantage of removing the control knob on it by simply switching to 45-degree position counter-clockwise. Moreover, it comes equipped with copper studs and nuts, which are quite sturdy for being tin-plated. Furthermore, it comes with three side plates that are removable for giving access up to 1/0 cables. Even a rear cover has been provided that acts as protection against any sort of short circuits. Therefore, BET battery switches adhere to ABYC standards and make it a perfect option for all boat owners.


  • Contour Locking System
  • Effortlessly runs different applications
  • Removable side plates
  • Prevents any sort of short circuit


  • Surface mount only and tight cable routing
  • Only 10 years of life expectancy

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Perko 8501DP Marine Battery Selector Switch

Witness innovation blended with technology in this Perko 8501DP marine Battery Selector switch. What has left its users amazed is its ability to work with a capacity of 50 volts, constant 250 amps and 360 amps intermittent. Its make-before-break design enables the user to alternate between batteries and that also without affecting its operation. Moreover, the switch is high on security as well as durability. marine dual battery switchBeing made of premium quality materials, Perko 8501DP has CE Mark on it. Boat users would no doubt love using it for its assurance of keeping one away from the fire. Apart from being ignition protected, it takes no effort to install even in boats powered by gasoline.

With a very trendy case design, it makes way for rear panel mounting as per the placement of the motor and boat size. Having met the ABYC safety standards, this battery switch is now in high demand among boat owners. For improved conductivity, it comes with 3/8″-16 copper studs that are tin-plated. As its alloy is corrosion resistant, it accepts M10 ring terminals. The stud length of 7/8″ is also quite impressive to support more than one cable terminal. Having special tactile textures,the switch looks quite stylish. Just buy it once for your boat and see how amazingly it works with the passage of time.


  • Can be used in both single and dual system
  • Easy to install and use
  • Looks very stylish for its tactile textures


  • Long screws are needed for mounting purposes

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Blue Sea Systems 300 Amp m-Series Battery Switches

Amalgamate power, performance, and efficacy by installing the 300-Ampere Blue Sea blue battery switch in your boat. With its ability to get installed in multiple positions, it has been accompanied with two mounting options. Hailing from the M-series, this remarkably sturdy boat battery is very easy to install and will, therefore, not let the user take time in the process. how to wire a marine battery switchWhat makes it absolutely safe to use is its fire-proof feature that will never bring any chances of confronting short circuit or electric shocks. As they are absolutely safe, they are preferred to be kept where gasoline powered boat engines are housed. Well, there are other battery switches in this series that come alternator field disconnect.

This has been designed to protect the alternator diodes from damage just in case the engine is kept running and the switch turns off unintentionally. This 300-Ampere battery switch has the power to switch between two or four positions, which must, however, meet the boat requirements. The tin-plated copper terminal studs are long enough to take multiple cables. Besides, they would take in the needed torque in order to create a reliable connection that would lessen the resistance power. In other words, this battery boat switch is just outstanding and worth the money to give your boat a new life.


  • Easy to install and operate as well
  • Compact in size that makes it easier to fit
  • Keeps away from fire and short circuit


  • Battery not strong enough to operate for long

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How do Marine Battery Switch Works?

If there is any worthy addition to your boat, it is none other than a marine battery switch. Here, two batteries are used at the same time. By installing a marine switch, you can either use both the batteries simultaneously or switch between the two batteries. This lets you charge the batteries either together or independently. When the boat is not in use, the switch can be turned off to keep the batteries away from being discharged in case something is left on it accidentally.

To initiate the setup process, the automatic float switch can be ideally wired directly to any of the batteries for the bilge pump. This would enable one to switch off the battery when the boat is not in action. However, one can install a deep cycle battery to meet the purpose of lighting and other cabin use in case one wants to stay overnight. When the battery needs to be charged again, the switch can be set and the battery gets recharged from the engine. So, the next time you are out on a boat ride, you will not face problems if you need to work on a marine switch.


Benefits of Using a Boat Battery Switch

If you had never heard of a marine or boat battery switch, you will love to know that it is extremely beneficial to run any boat for quite some time on the water. Even if you want to buy it, you might be a bit confused in regard to its benefits. So, let’s take a look at some aspects and understand why a battery switch is worth investing:

  • No wiring complications

What boat owners will love to hear is that even if these batteries run out of charge, they will not be compelled to mess with wires. So, once again it’s the knob that does the trick and makes the entire operation so hassle-free.

  • Stay away from hazards

What can be a safer initiative than installing a battery that keeps you away from hazards like fire and short circuit? In fact, your boat will not heat up in excess as this battery has the power to prevent your boat from overheating.

  • No chance of electric shocks

Believe it or not, marine batteries are much safer as you are not required to deal with tangled wires. Therefore, there are no chances of getting electric shocks as well.

  • Operate with no effort

One of the biggest advantages of using a marine boat battery switch is that it usually carries a knob with it for easy operation. The boat owner must know that these batteries are actually designed to work simultaneously.

So, get a marine switch for your boat today and stay safe throughout your ride.


How to Choose the Right Marine Battery Switch?

Boats equipped with two or more batteries for diverse purposes usually need a battery switch. These switches are available in various shapes, sizes, designs, colors, and features as well. Therefore, one may find it quite perplexed to choose the right boat battery switch. To make your job easier, here are a few factors that should be taken into consideration:

  • How easier it is to Install?

Although certain marine switches have complex wiring, one should always look for a switch that is easy to install. In other words, it must have a wide mounting flexibility and one can, therefore, mount at any panel or surface. So, if you want to save both energy and time, go for easy-to-install marine switches.

  • What is the size of the Terminal?

The next key factor is the terminal size of a switch. There are certain switches that come with a terminal size limit. This restricts one from using a terminal larger than this.

  • How Compatible are they?

One of the crucial factors of a marine switch is its compatibility. Different switches are meant for different battery capacities. The voltage capacity and power limit of the switches depend on the battery’s voltage capacity used by the system.The user should, therefore, be aware of this battery voltage capacity and choose the switch accordingly.

  • What is the Design of the switch?

It all depends on the user as to what type of power switch he wants for his boat. It may be a Rotary switch having two or more settings, or a Toggle switch, with on and off functions. The best way to judge the right design of a switch is to ensure the number of batteries along with the necessities.


Now complete long summer trips on your boat by keeping it charged for hours with the perfect marine battery switch. If it is a houseboat that you own, it is always better to keep two batteries in place all the time. As a result, there will be a switch running between them. To be precise, the switch will let you utilize one battery over another to run your boat. The other battery will help in running the electronics present in the boat. So, take your boat and its contents into consideration, look for the items to be charged apart from the boat and accordingly, choose a marine switch for further results.

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