The Best Marine Bilge Pumps Reviewed

Just imagine your boat swallowing unwanted water, causing it to weigh down almost to the extent of sinking. So, here comes a super reliable savior, the best bilge pump, which will now pump out all those additional water out of the bilge by means of an intake valve and bring your boat back to stability so that it can sail off with no complications.

It’s certainly an incredible alternative to the hectic process of bringing buckets after buckets. Moreover, these pumps are quite pocket-friendly and extremely handy as well. Even in terms of technology, these pumps are quite advanced as they usually make no sound while transferring water. Although there are different types of bilge pumps, one needs to choose the right model as per what one’s boat demands. So, even if your boat or yacht comes with a built-in bilge pump, keeping a fresh one, in addition, is no doubt a smart idea.


Top Rated Bilge Pumps For Your Boat

  • Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump
  • 3/4 inch output hose
  • Includes Mounting Bracket And Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Marine Grade Wiring
  • Seaflo Automatic Submersible Boat Bilge Pump
  • Flow Rate (GPH): 750GPH; Volt: 12V; Current(A): 3.0A; Head(M): 3.0M
  • Wire Lead(M): 1m; Outlet Diameter: 19mm/ 3/4-Inch; Width: Approx. 81mm
  • Built-in float switch!
  • Rule 25D Submersible Bilge Pump
  • 3/4'' (19mm) discharge outlet hose barb discharge outlet
  • Silent and vibrationless operation
  • Warranty:- 3 Year
  • Attwood Tsunami Manual Bilge Pump
  • Delivers with high-capacity and high-efficiency output
  • Have replaceable and interchangeable motor cores
  • Makes servicing simple and quick
  • Seattle Sports Paddlers Bilge Pump
  • High-visibility neon yellow stock for safety
  • Measures 21 inches long; 1.75-inch diameter
  • Weighs 12 ounces

Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump

Technology once again has shown its true colors in the marine world by bringing super hardy bilge pumps, and one of them is this Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump. With no hassles to install, this high-end electric bilge pump holds the ability to hold 600 gallons of water per hour. Moreover, what makes it hardy is its rugged plastic housing. Furthermore, it features a marine grade wiring that makes it easier to connect to your boat. Shoreline Bilge Pump is also used for multiple purposes like camping, hiking, fishing and recreational purposes. So, no seconds thoughts for this bilge pump if you are willing to take it for your boat.

best bilge pump

Features and Specifications:

  • Has high-quality tinned wire ends that makes it easier to set up
  • Extremely easy to install and takes no time at all
  • Very compact in size and quite light in weight as it weighs only 0.69 lb
  • Dimensions of the pump are 3.57 x 8.14 x 5.53 Inches
  • High on durability and comes with a mounting bracket that makes it easier to mount
  • Comes with an output hose measuring ¾ inch


  • Good quality wired ends made of tin that results in easy connections
  • Complies with USCG requirements and completely protected against ignition
  • Can easily run smaller pumps with much might and effectiveness
  • Durability leaves no question in terms of its operation


  • Quality control is a big issue that largely affects its performance
  • Patio boat owners might find it too tall for their boats

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Seaflo Automatic Submersible Boat Bilge Water Pump

Seaflo once again steps with a bang in the category of bilge pumps alongside an assurance of complete safety to small boat owners by bringing this 12 V Auto Submersible Boat Bilge Water Pump. Although it is automatic, it ensures no perplexities to its users for having a built-in reed sensor system, and guess what? It eliminates the need for a float switch. Rather, what keeps it highly protected against the high current is its relay loop design. In fact, no power is needed till the pump is switched on and the water rises. Being a rust and ignition-free motor, this automatic bilge pump is so easy to maintain.

bilge pump reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • Runs on 12 VDC current that makes it quite energy efficient
  • Has the capacity to hold 750 Gallons of water per hour that ensures a strong flow
  • Its delivery head has a height of 3.8 meters
  • Has the ability to draw a minimum of 3 Ampere current
  • The hose outlet measures 19mm while it also has a 3-wire lead
  • Very compact in size as it measures 5.71 x 3.27 x 4.05 inches
  • Can be utilized for multiple applications


  • To install the pump, the user will not take more than 10 minutes
  • Ensures with efficiency that the water is pumped out completely
  • Hardly needs maintenance and longevity is commendable
  • Comes with an anti-airlock protection
  • Compact in size and uses minimal power


  • Automatic feature creates problems at times, affecting its productivity
  • Might smoke out at times and cause fire

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Rule 25D Submersible Bilge Pump 500 GPH

While buying a pump, you consider it the best bet when you come to know that it meets both style and performance, isn’t it? Rule 500 gph bilge pump has some similar startling things about it that will make all boat owners bag it. With an exceptional capacity to pump out water, this bilge pump supports a trendy design. Even in terms of cost, it is anytime buyable. As far as its operation goes, it doesn’t know what vibrations are and therefore, function with zero noise. What makes it extremely durable is its corrosion-free body and stainless steel shaft. Now, pick it up if you are determined to keep your boat safe and strong.

best bilge pump reviews

Features and Specifications:

  • With an ability to hold 500 gallons of water per hour, this submersible bilge pump promises to keep a steady flow rate
  • Powered by 12 V DC current that is quite minimal in terms of drawing electricity
  • Comes with shafts made of stainless steel that makes it free of rust and corrosion
  • The motor has a great longevity and can run dry for limited time
  • Has a built-in blocked wiring of marine grade that makes it easier to connect electrically


  • Installation becomes much easier as it has a very simple design
  • Completely submersible that makes it score high on safety
  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Operation supported by a float switch
  • Compact in size and light in weight


  • Hard to access the impeller for cleaning purpose
  • Longevity of the pump is up to a few weeks

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SeaSense Hand Bilge Pump Hose

Kayak and other small boat owners are usually struck with the concern whether their boats are safe enough to sail ahead. But with this Seasense Bilge Pump, you can enjoy security to your heart’s content. The feature that itself safeguards any small boat from sinking is its exclusive design enabling anti-leakage. Perfect for canoes, kayaks, bilges and small boats, this modernized and advanced boat bilge pump is just too light. So, once you fit it, just stay out of the fear of weighing down your boat. During installation, it would certainly keep the concerned person at ease with its ergonomic handle. Small yet stylish, this bilge pump might leave a good number of small boat owners allured.

kayak bilge pump

Features and Specifications:

  • With a length of 24 inches and a 72-inch hose, SeaSense Bilge Pump is great for all types of small boats
  • The hose included is removable so that it can make for hassle-free storage
  • What keeps it safe and protected is its leak-proof design that minimizes the chances of sinking
  • Quite durable for having an anti-corrosion body
  • Easy to handle as it is quite light in weight
  • Its ergonomically designed high-impact handle helps the user to grip it well


  • Incredible pumping effort results in draining out water quite faster
  • Quite compact in design and lets one access the hard-to-reach areas
  • Resistant to rust that strengthens its durability
  • As it comes with a removable hose, storage becomes hassle-free


  • Operation is completely manual that takes a bit of effort
  • Can be used only for small-scale applications

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Seattle Sports Paddlers Bilge Pump

What today’s pump manufacturers are primarily focusing upon is ensuring hassle-free operations so that users are not left helpless in case of emergencies. Take a look at this Seattle Sports Paddlers Bilge Pump that has been provided a handle made of over-molded rubber so that the user can find it easier to grip. Besides, it boasts of a higher level of safety due to its neon yellow body, making it high on visibility. A floating foam collar has also been included to give the user absolute comfort. For weighing only 12 ounces, it becomes very portable to carry from one place to another. Boat owners, therefore, looking for lightweight pumps can consider it a deal.

best automatic bilge pump

Features and Specifications:

  • Paddlers would love installing this pump as it ensures comfort along with security
  • Length of the boat is 21 inches while its width is 1.75 inches
  • Highly advised to install it for kayaks and small boats
  • The output valve can enjoy the support of a 1-inch internal diameter hose
  • Handle for easy-grip that comes in the body of over-molded rubber
  • To keep it extremely visible, it sports a neon yellow body
  • Compact in size and very light in weight that makes it completely portable


  • Very sturdy and durable as its shaft is made of good quality aluminum
  • Works very smoothly and makes no noise at all
  • User will always find it quite soothing to grip it well during installation


  • Can affect its operation if comes in contact with sand
  • Not ideal all types of boats, especially a big no for big-sized boats

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Attwood Tsunami Manual Bilge Pump

Boat builders have something now to fall for in adding more power and safety to their boats, and it is none other than the Attwood Bilge Pump. Talk about its efficiency or power, it scores high on all aspects. Built with state-of-the-art materials, this bilge pump runs on 12V power that restricts it from consuming too much electricity. It also comprises premium quality alloys, brushes, and magnets. Moreover, its high-quality bearings make it easier to make the electrical connections. For having a patented shaft seal, it guards your boat against any sort of leaks. Reasonably priced, Attwood Tsunami Manual Bilge Pump is worth every penny.

best kayak bilge pump

Features and Specifications:

  • Holds a capacity of 1200 gallons of water per hour
  • Extremely durable as it is resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Compact in size, the pump has dimensions of 0.50 x 8.50 x 3.25 Inches (LxWxH)
  • When it comes to servicing, it involves no hassles and time as well
  • Comes with motor cores that are both interchangeable and replaceable as well
  • Light in weight as it weighs only 9.6 ounces


  • Has an amazing flow rate so as to fill over 10-gallon live-well
  • Installation is not at all a concern and takes not even 10 minutes
  • Comes with a detachable cartridge
  • Quite affordable in comparison to other pumps


  • Operates with a bit of noise which is annoying
  • Consistency in operation is a big question

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Rule Marine Bilge Pump, 2000 Gallon Per Hour

Who said bilge pumps don’t come in a budget? The Rule Marine Bilge Pump is just sensational with a capacity of 2000 gallon per hour. The fact that it is non-automatic barely makes a difference as it is extremely user-friendly. Besides, where the Rule Bilge Pump becomes a showstopper is in its pumping capacity. So, even if your boat starts gulping water from nowhere, this pump will come all its might to keep things in harmony. Despite having such impressive features, it is still easy on the pocket and makes it a worthy pump for anyone owning mini boats.

what is a bilge pump

Features and Specifications:

  • The pump can draw a minimum of 15 Amp current, making it quite energy-efficient
  • With the strainer made of ABS and Impeller made of nylon, it is absolutely sturdy and assures complete protection
  • Quite portable as it does not weigh much; it weighs 2 lbs
  • It has a decent operation time of 2500 hours
  • Compact in size as it has dimensions of 6 x 4-1/4 x 4-1/4 inches (HxWxD)


  • Very affordable when compared to other contemporary pumps
  • Takes no time as well as effort to install
  • Very reliable and takes hardly any effort to maintain it
  • Construction is of high-quality that will not break away easily


  • The hose connection is too short
  • Longevity is restricted up to 5 weeks

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Types of Bilge Pump

One of the reasons why boat owners love installing bilge pumps is that these pumps assure complete safety on the waters. However, there are various types of pumps available with various features, which always depend on the type of boat you are owning. So, prior to making the right choice, let’s study about the different types of bilge pumps that would certainly get you a clear picture. Let’s take a look:

  • Auto Submersible Electric Bilge Pump with Float Switch –

Many boat owners prefer pumps with automatic operation. This is a reason why they prefer buying bilge pumps with float switches. Moreover, these pumps are quite reasonable and come with three wires, enabling the pump to connect to a control switch.

  • Submersible Electric Bilge Pump –

If you want a pump with a good battery back-up, decent flow rate, and quiet operation, this is the pump you should go for. With an ability to transfer water with efficiency against vertical heights, these pumps are easy to use with just an On/Off switch.

  • Impeller pumps –

Unlike the submersible pumps, these are not quiet but holds the ability to regulate a decent amount of suspended solid matter in bilge water. They require more current but are completely serviceable.

  • Computerized Auto Submersible Electric Bilge Pump –

These bilge pumps do not need a float switch and are rather more compact. With auto-manual activation options, these bilge pumps come with auto-manual activation features. These pumps are high in demand as they need a minimal operation.


How to Choose the Best Bilge Pumps

No matter how good your boat looks, if it fails to assure safety on the waters, believe it or not, the beauty is of no value. So, what it needs is a strong bilge pump that will act as a shield against uninvited water, protecting the boat and ensuring that it’s all set to sail. But it is best if you can choose one according to your boat’s needs and wants. So, here are a few points to consider while choosing the good bilge pump for your boat. Let’s have a look:

  • Is it easy to access and mount?

There are plenty of bilge pumps that boat owners find difficult to access. Whereas, these pumps must be easily accessible so that one can clean its intake screen and make it easier to clean the debris. Moreover, it should be able to mount with ease instead of straining too much for the installation. So, make sure that the bilge pump is accessible and mountable.

  • Does it have a large capacity?

All boat owners must remember that the larger the capacity of a pump, the better it is for the boat. A higher-rated pump, moreover, performs like a champ. To be precise, a pump with a good capacity will always have the power to evacuate water in almost no time. This would certainly eliminate all chances of an impending catastrophe. As per the rule of thumb, it must have a minimum of 100 gallons per hour of pump per foot of boat.

  • Is its Check Valve working properly?

With the intention to prevent pump cycling, a check valve is usually installed right in the pump’s discharge line. Besides, check valves are also essential in preventing back-flooding. So, one must inspect the proper running of check valves on a regular basis to ensure that they have not ended up clogging with debris and salt.

  • Is it not a 4-inch bilge pump?

Being a boat owner, you must be wise enough to avoid a 4-inch bilge pump. Remember, it does not possess sufficient power to pump water upwards. Rather, a 2000 power pump that can pull up water by at least 3 to 4 feet, will be good enough to consider. In other words, be careful when it comes to choosing the size of any bilge pump.


Finally, you are all set to get the most incredible bilge pump for your boat. Well, being a boat owner, this is no doubt a commendable job you are going to do. Just make sure that you are completely aware of everything your boat wants to ensure complete security for all the people onboard. Check where exactly you must install the bilge pump and how it would work in case of an emergency. Once you have known about the types as well as the preferred ones, compare the models in terms of their price and features, and fetch the best bilge pump for your boat deserves to take you ashore.