How To Choose The Right Trolling Motor Battery


Choosing a perfect battery for your trolling motor is not a simple task because few batteries only suit your needs.   For selecting the trolling motor battery, you can consider some important things, including battery type, budget and amperage hour rating.

Type of battery

Trolling motors work well with two types of batteries that include ACM and Lead Acid Wet-Cell batteries. The deep-cycle batteries are created for discharging less amount of energy over a long time and for much frequent recharging.

  • AGM batteries

The AGM batteries are otherwise called Absorbed Glass Mat. They are fully sealed, so they last longer even on a single charge. It also has a durable lifespan.  This deep cycle battery has unique features to last between 3 to 4 years.  The cost of AGM battery is more than the standard deep cycle ones. They are the right choice for better performance and longevity, but they are more expensive.  It is completely a maintenance-free battery.

  • Lead Acid Wet-Cell

The most common batteries handle the frequent recharging and draining associated with the use of trolling motor. They are the affordable option. It will generally last between 1 and 2 ½ years. These batteries need occasional maintenance. Additionally, they are prone to spillage and vibration.

Choose And Charge A Trolling Motor Battery

Amperage hour rating

It is an essential consideration that let you pick the right one. It is highly recommended to use the battery with minimum 100 amperage hour rating.

These are most significant aspects that make your pick smarter.

Guide to Charge A Trolling Motor Battery:

Trolling Motor in the boat requires the specialized deep cycle batteries to improve the performance of the boat. Below are the methods to charge the Trolling Motor Battery.

  • Mount Trolling Motor within 2 feet from the battery. The Trolling Motor is waterproof and submersible so it does not need any cover. LED indicators in the Trolling Motor Battery are visible.
  • Connect red leads of the positive terminal in the Battery. Trolling Motor Battery works in both directions so it does not matter which one to use.
  • You need to make sure that other Red Lead must not be touching anything.
  • Connect the Red Lead to Positive Terminal in the Trolling Battery
  • Extend the Red Lead when the trolling motor is mounted. Now connect Negative Terminal of batteries with each other.
  • Use 10 Gauge Duplex Cable for Extension
  • Cut off existing terminal with Red Lead
  • Connect Negative Terminals of both batteries
  • Get return path for charging the current in trolling battery
  • Black wire of duplex cable goes between the batteries
  • Connect Black Lead with Negative Terminal in starting battery
  • Cut off green wire leaving 3 or 4 inches in the case for connecting it later
  • When the engine runs, Greenlight will indicate that it is connected to Trolling motor battery and shares the charge
  • When the engine turns Off, Green Light goes out with indicating batter isolated in the Trolling motor do not run down.
  • Red Light should not be ON. When the red light is ON then it indicates that battery is overloaded then automatically shuts down for protecting the battery. The battery will automatically reset and continues to work after the cooling and you need to determine the cause of the problem.