Best Deep Cycle Marine Batteries (In-depth Buying Guides)

Whether it is car battery, inverter battery, or marine battery, all of them look quite identical. Nonetheless, internally they are not the same, neither do they function same. Deep cycle marine batteries are the batteries that are used to run marine appliances with the supply of small and consistent amount of energy. There are basically three types of marine batteries, dual purpose battery, staring battery, and deep cycle battery. Each of these three batteries is used for different types of marine appliances. When it boils down to deep cycle marine batteries, they are designed to propel marine appliances like trolling motor, etc. which needs small measure of energy to get started.

Therefore, if you have marine machines which require a regular and consistent amount of energy for longer period of time, then go for deep cycle marine batteries. Have a perusal through the list given below and pick the right battery as per your necessity.


Reviews of The Top Rated Deep Cycle Batteries for Your Boat

  • Optima 8016-103-FFP D34M Blue Top Battery
  • Purpose: Deep Cycle
  • Voltage - 12V
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 750 CCA
  • Capacity/Size: 55Ah/34M
  • Exide XMC-31 MEGACYCLE AGM-200 Marine Battery
  • Purpose: Dual Purpose
  • Voltage - 12V
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 925 CCA
  • Capacity/Group Size: 100Ah/31
  • Optima Batteries 8052-161 D31M BlueTop
  • Purpose: Dual Purpose
  • Voltage - 12V
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 900 CCA
  • Capacity/Group Size: 75Ah/31
  • Odyssey 31-PC2150S Heavy Duty Battery
  • Purpose: Starting/Cranking Battery
  • Voltage - 12V
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 1000 CCA
  • Capacity/Size: 100Ah/31
  • Vmaxtanks MR137 AGM Battery
  • Purpose: Deep Cycle
  • Voltage - 12V
  • Cold Cranking Amps: 900 CCA
  • Capacity/Size: 120Ah/31

Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M Battery

If you always seek for more, Optima Batteries are the best choices for you. These batteries are manufactured to yield an ultimate experience. As soon you will install these batteries in your marine appliance like a motor boat, you will easily acknowledge the difference between a traditional battery and an Optima deep cycle marine battery. These batteries provide a consistent performance and are perfect for professionals, because there is no hassle of delicate maintenance.

best deep cycle marine battery

Features and Specifications

By buying yourself an Optima battery, you are actually buying yourself a comfortable experience of motor-boating. Besides delivering an efficient and steady power for a long time, there are more features to Optima batteries.

  • The Optima batteries are like two in one batteries as they can be used as boat battery as well as RV battery.
  • The Bluetop of these batteries serves as a reliable vibration absorber and provides resistance against all the shuddering and tremor.
  • Works in bad weather too with optimal power


  • No hassle of maintenance
  • Spill-proof Design
  • Fast recharging rate which is three time more than traditional batteries
  • Optima batteries can be mounted conveniently in any position
  • The blue cover of these batteries provides resistance against vibration which is 15 times more than usual covers.


  • The battery might lose its cranking power if exposed to extreme conditions for longer period of time.

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VMAX857 AGM Battery 12 Volt 35AH Marine Deep Cycle Battery

If good performance, extreme reliability, and impressive strength make up the definition of a good marine battery, then VMAX batteries are best for you. These batteries undergo an amazing manufacturing process to earn unique chemical composition of plates. In addition to the unique VMAX plates, the batteries have tough physical exterior as well. Even after deep discharges, VAMX batteries are easy to recharge and this accounts for their long life-span.

deep cycle marine battery reviews

Features and Specifications

Have a perusal through the following to learn more about the features of VMAX batteries

  • The continuous running time varies from 4 to 9 hours depending upon the discharge rate.
  • Unlike other traditional batteries, there is no need of adding water to maintain the concentration of the electrolyte in VMAX batteries.
  • These are made of heavy duty lead-tin grids.


  • There is no heck of maintenance
  • Extra-life with heavy duty alloy grids
  • The whole battery kit is very lightweight
  • Fine exterior to provide protection from strong tremors
  • Spill-proof even under extreme conditions
  • The chemical composition of electrolyte is absolutely non-hazardous.


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Vmaxtanks MR107 12V 85AH Marine AGM SLA Deep Cycle Battery

VMAX batteries have a name of being extra durable, extra reliable and having extra high performance. Talking about their unique interior design, these batteries have absorbed glass matt in between the VMAX plates that are made from a special alloy for extra durability. The superior exterior structure is deliberately designed to absorb high-intensity vibrations and provides extra life to the battery. If you want to run your trolling motor of boat for a longer period of time without undergoing the hassle of recharging and maintenance, then go for VMAX batteries.

best deep cycle battery

Features and Specifications

  • There is no use of silica gels in the battery; instead an intelligent electrolyte suspension arrangement is used where VMAX plates are suspended between AGM for better absorption.
  • Despite using heavy duty grids, these batteries are light-weighted and can be easily carried around.
  • All VMAX batteries come with zero provision for maintenance.


  • Life span of battery varies from 8 years to 10 years.
  • It is perfect for boats with trolling motors.
  • Repeated deep discharges don’t affect the performance of these batteries.
  • Absorbed glass matt is used instead of contaminants like silica gels in electrolyte. AGM helps in maintaining the uniform composition of the electrolyte.


  • When single VMAX battery is used for operating heavy boats, the battery life tends to decrease. It is advised to use more such batteries in series for heavy operations.

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Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery

If besides boating, you are an enthusiast of agriculture, light decoration, etc., then sealed lead acid cycle battery will serve all your needs. Clearly, this battery can have multiple applications therefore it is designed to have long life along with unique power services. The exquisite design of the battery makes it spill-free. Due to the physical endurance and design, the lead acid battery can be mounted at any convenient angle and height without worrying about any leakage.

what is a deep cycle battery

Features and Specifications

Learn more about the additional features as mentioned below.

  • These batteries can be conveniently used for all three types of surfaces, land, water, or air.
  • The use of lithium is avoided to make it non-hazardous
  • Light-weighted structure and can be easily carried and replaced.
  • For heavy power source, use two such batteries in series.


  • Compact size, can easily fit two in an average sized battery box.
  • Can be used for multiple purposes, for example in boat, as well as in house for lighting bulbs.
  • Easy mobility design.


  • It can’t be used to power a golf cart. So it’s better to stick to a traditional battery.

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Optima Batteries 8027-127 D27M BlueTop Starting

If you believe in pushing limits, then Optima batteries provides you with technological advantage that will let you pursue endless limits. These batteries are constructed to offer exceptional power with exceptional consistency. Whether you need it for professional purposes or just to follow your enthusiasm, Optima batteries serve you with best experiences. When you install Optima Battery in your boat or any other marine appliance, you are down for an amazing hassle free experience, where you don’t have to check the concentration of electrolyte from time to time or worry about spilling/leakage.

small deep cycle battery

Features and Specifications

  • Guaranteed three times faster recharging speed than any other traditional marine battery.
  • It can even be used as an RV battery to operate light devices in house.
  • Unique physical structure to endure shuddering and rigorous vibrations.
  • Because of its spill-free feature, one can place the battery in any position and forget about leakage.


  • These batteries can even operate under harsh conditions like extreme humidity and high temperature.
  • The plates are made of pure lead and then coated with lead oxide, for extra life span.
  • The blue top of the battery makes it a durable and multi-purpose battery.


  • They are bit costly due to their spiral-cell design.

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Optima Batteries 8052-161 D31M BlueTop Starting

8052-161 model of Optima Batteries is a six-pack model which offers higher range of power. Therefore if you have heavy machinery with excellent power input, then go the Optima batteries six-pack model. The benefit of using Optima batteries over traditional batteries is that they are constructed with glass mat separators. These separators help in curbing the leakage problems and spilling of electrolyte which are the common problems with traditional batteries.

best marine deep cycle battery

Features and Specifications

  • All six cells of Optima batteries 8052-161 are wound up in a spiral arrangement. This spiral arrangement increases the efficiency of battery by two-three folds.
  • The battery yields the constant performance for maximum 155 minutes
  • The stud posts are made of stainless steel.
  • Even with six cells, the battery doesn’t weigh more than 60 pounds.


  • The plates are made of pure lead, thus it is easy to recharge them in less amount of time.
  • The six pack construction along with blue top make these batteries appropriate for heavy machineries.


  • The battery might get hot while charging if exposed to repeated deep discharges.

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Vmaxtanks Vmaxslr125 AGM Deep Cycle battery

One can’t go wrong with VMAX. This is because the brand promises to deliver high-quality products with exceptional qualities. The construction of all the batteries is done with superior quality of AGM which separates the plates in the cell and maintains the composition of the alloy. All the VMAX batteries offer more than 8-10 years of service. Henceforth, buy yourself one of their products and get rid of the trouble to change batteries from time to time.

deka deep cycle battery deep cycle battery maintenance solar deep cycle battery

Features and Specifications

  • The plates of the cell are custom made and constructed in military-grade style.
  • The weight of the entire battery kit is not more than 80 pounds, this makes the battery mobile and easy to install.
  • A single VMAX rechargeable battery offers the voltage of 12 volt which can easily operate a motor boat with trolling motor.


  • The product is designed in a way that it doesn’t emit any hazardous fumes or any gases.
  • As a deep cycle battery installed with heavy duty rods, it provides exceptional power.
  • One can recombine several batteries to obtain necessary power range.


  • The ampere range of the battery may vary if exposed to harsh condition.

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Optima Batteries 8040-218 D35 YellowTop Dual Purpose Battery

If you are looking for a battery which comes with multiple purpose rather than just being a marine battery, then Optima Battery with yellow top is the best choice. Optima batteries are known to have extraordinary cranking power. It is said that if you go for Optima products, you have one less thing to worry about. That one less thing is recharging struggle. These batteries have a premium capability of recharging at a rapid rate.

marine battery deep cycle

Features and Specifications

  • The device comes with exceptional recharging rate, even after being discharged and charged for more than 300 times.
  • The dual nature of the battery serves as the marine battery as well as locomotive battery. Now, you can operate your tractor in the day, then boat in the night with the same battery.
  • Resistance proof physical exterior.


  • The yellow top optima battery is suitable for vehicles which are loaded with multiple accessories. Thus, if you want to operate machinery which works on higher voltage, then go for this particular optima battery
  • The quality of lead used is pure up to 99.99%


  • The continuous use of battery in heavy locomotive can make it discharge rapidly, as compared to when used in marine boat.

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Optima Batteries 8171-767 (DS46B24R) YellowTop Prius Battery

All the Optima products are meant for the fanatic technology enthusiast who believes in pushing limits and getting amazing results. Whether it is a yellow top product or a blue top product, all Optima batteries offer remarkable power range. So before investing in buying a battery, make sure you have gone through all the features to make a smart choice. Go through the specifications mentioned below to know more about the ultimate features of Yellow top Optima Prius Battery.

deep cycle battery for camping

Features and Specifications

  • Being a deep cycle product, this Prius battery can be effectively used to power trolling motor.
  • The brilliant cranking power of the battery offers ultimate performance with steady power results.
  • Just like any other optima product, this Prius battery is spill-free and thus can be placed in any required position.
  • Quick recharging feature.


  • Spiral-cell technology makes the product tolerant to extreme humid and hot conditions.
  • The yellow-top of the battery indicates that the battery can the dual nature and can be used for driving locomotives too other than marine appliances.


  • Discharging rate may increase as compared to recharging rate when used under continuous harsh conditions

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Vmaxtanks VMAX SLR155 AGM 12v 155ah Deep Cycle Battery

VMAX brand is the most trustable and efficient brand which produces incredible rechargeable batteries for solar inverters. These batteries can also be used as a deep cycle marine battery with tolling motors. The remarkable life span of the all the products of VMAXTANKS always tend to lure the customers. If you are searching for a battery with brilliant performance and durability, then go for VMAXTANKS batteries. Have a quick perusal through the following to learn more about the specific feature of the product.

the best deep cycle marine battery

Features and Specifications

  • The plates are separated by AGM which is responsible for the longer life of the battery.
  • A minimum of 12 volt is produced by the product. One can put two or three batteries in series in order to obtain higher power as per the requirement.
  • The product comes with a warranty of one full year.


  • The battery has the dual nature, that is, it can be used for marine appliance as well as solar inverters.
  • The product doesn’t emit any harmful gases or fumes.
  • These batteries don’t require any maintenance from time to time.


  • The weight of the battery is around 93 pounds which makes it difficult to carry everywhere.

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So, What Is a Deep Cycle Battery

For a layman who has a car, the battery that operates it would be a simple battery. You might think that the auto and marine batteries have a very similar look. But, the internal design and the components tell a very different story, as they tend to differ.

There are different types of marine batteries. The starting batteries, the deep cycle batteries, and the dual purpose ones. The ones that we are going to be explaining in this article, are the dual purpose ones.

What Exactly Are The Deep Cycle Batteries?

It is important to know how the deep cycle batteries are different from the others.

The starting or cracking batteries have a particular design. These designs enable them to discharge power in a very large amount. As a result, they run for a very short period of time. But, the deep cycle batteries are the ones that discharge lesser amounts of energy. They operate for a longer period of time.

Working Of The Deep Cycle Batteries

Trying to understand the working procedure of a deep cycle battery? There are some things you should know. Trust me, they are important. It is necessary to know that these batteries are a bit different from the starter types. Why? Because the amount of the energy discharged is different.

The designing of the deep cycle batteries allows them to discharge a small amount of energy. Also, known as ‘deep discharge’.

There is a big difference between a deep cycle battery and a typical starter battery. It is the amount of energy that they discharge. The way in which the energy discharges is also important.

The deep cycle batteries are also known to discharge almost 75% of the capacity. And that too without going through any serious damage. But, the safety amount differ from one manufacturer to other.

What Is a Deep Cycle Battery

Selecting The Correct Deep Cycle Battery

There are many different factors to consider when selecting a deep cycle battery. Some of these factors include chemistry type, applications, reliability, and price as well.

And why do you think it is an important task to choose the correct battery for the application? Well, because all you want is proper service and good durability right? Battery maintenance is an important thing to consider here. If your site is accessible, then the flooded ones are the best option.

But, if the site is in a particularly remote area then, the maintenance is not a sure thing. For those cases, the gel batteries or AGM ones are the best options. Apart from that, considering the price is also a very good option.

For some other important factors, read ahead.

  • IEC Testing:

Make sure that you look for the third-party results. These are helpful in selecting a deep cycle battery. The manufacturers take the help of the testing companies. These companies measure the validity and the accuracy of a battery. You will be ensuring that the battery is able to meet all the rigors of deep recharge and discharge cycles.

  • Life Span:

The life span of a deep cycle battery is not difficult to determine. It can be determined by the number of charge cycles or discharges that the battery offers. The capacity of different batteries that come from different manufacturers might be similar. But there is a certain differences as well. These differences are in the design, quality, materials, process and other factors. The factors can control the life span of a deep cycle battery.

  • Capacity:

Make sure that you have info about the capacity of the deep cycle battery. Also, make sure that it is a proper rated one for the general application. Any battery that has an insufficient amount of capacity will over-discharge. It will have a shorter life span when compared to a good-capacity one. Also, having an over-sized battery isn’t a good idea either, as they will cost more and add no value to the work.

  • Brand Name:

Brand name matters when it comes to the deep-cycle batteries. Thus when you are selecting one, make sure that you choose a company that has got a name in the industry. The company that offers the best and the most reliable materials is the one you should choose. Quality is all that matters and you want the best.

With the help of the following factors, you will be able to select the best deep cycle marine batteries for use. Make the right choice as they are pretty important.


Things to Consider While Buying the Good Deep Cycle Marine Battery

Either you are a fishing enthusiast or water sports enthusiast; you need to make smart choices when it comes down to buying a battery for your boat or other marine appliances. One must agree that while a buying a product, there are many factors that need to be considered other than being swayed by the prices or users’ reviews. Here we have created a list of important things that you should definitely consider and analyze while buying the best deep cycle battery as per your need.

  • Size:

The first and the foremost thing that you need to check while buying a deep cycle battery is the size. You might need the battery for multiple uses, but make sure that all these applications need a specific size of the battery. If you have a bigger boat or a marine appliance which needs higher voltage and power to work, then go for the large battery. However, go for the smaller size, if you have a small boat and less voltage devices to operate. Moreover, a smaller sized battery is very mobile and can be easily carried from hither to thither.

  • Vibration resistance:

When the word vibration is used in regards to marine appliances, it is pretty clear that these tremors will be caused if you take you boat on rough waters. In that scenario, you must check the level of resistance provided by your battery against these vibrations and shuddering. The higher the level of resistance, the more is the durability of your battery even under extremely harsh conditions.

  • Reserve Capacity:

Another important factor which must be taken under consideration is reserve capacity. By reserve capacity, the time period for which a battery can be used continuously is defined. Thus, if there are prospect of you staying on the boat in water for longer period of time, then buy a battery with higher reserve capacity. This is because the last scenario you want to face is being stuck in waters because your battery was worn out

  • Lifespan:

There is difference between reserve capacity and the lifespan of a marine battery. When we talk about lifespan of a battery, we talk about the durability of the battery in the long run. Most of the manufactures promises the long lifespan of the battery, but you must not be easily baffled. Always take help of the users’ reviews and also see if the product is covered under longer period of warranty or replacement.

  • Wet-cell batteries v/s AGM batteries

If you are a lazy sloth who doesn’t want to go under the strain of maintenance of a battery, then go for the AGM batteries. The AGM stands for the absorbed glass mat which excludes the hassle of adding water again and again to battery in order to maintain the composition of electrolyte.

The wet-cell batteries should be preferred if you want to employ the battery for multiple use. This is because these batteries are designed to endure the constant series of charging and discharging. But, one needs to replace these batteries within a time period of 1-2 years which is quite less as compared to AGM batteries

Both the batteries have their own perks, you can choose the right one as per your needs.


Benefits of the Best Deep Cycle Batteries

Following are some of the benefits of buying a deep cycle battery.

  • These batteries are sealed with intelligent designs which vary from brand to brand. Due to the sealed case, these batteries are efficiently mobile and can be safely transported.
  • The spill-free construction of deep cycle batteries allows mounting them anywhere in any position. No harmful gases or fumes are emitted even if they are placed at varied angles in the boat or car.
  • Deep cycle batteries can be used for multiple purposes other than boat and marine appliances. These batteries can be used in motorized wheelchairs, recreational vehicles, simple electric instruments, traffic signals, low voltage audio equipment, etc.
  • The best thing about deep cycle batteries is that they are recyclable that too up to 98%. Thus, most of the parts of the used deep cycle batteries can be put to reuse after recovery and recycling.


When it comes to looks, almost all the batteries look alike; nonetheless, when you are stuck in waters while going on your fishing or water sports endeavors, then all these batteries start appearing to be different. Henceforth, it is important to go a little research trip before buying a best deep cycle marine battery. Have a careful perusal through the above guide which has a list often best marine batteries with all the pros and cons. In addition to list, consider the given factors to know what you want in a product so that you can make the smartest choice.

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