Difference Between A Marine Battery And A Car Battery


Be it land or sea, you are travelling both with the help of battery technology. You need to thank the different batteries in action to provide you a comfortable journey. But, what about the differences in the makes of the car and marine batteries? This is something that should be discussed in detail. And that is exactly what we are going to do here.

Differentiating The Marine And The Car Batteries

One of the major differences between the batteries is the place where they are in use. The marine atmosphere demands a different type of battery. The car batteries also are different. From construction to the jobs that they perform, everything is different.

For those who want to know, here are some differences that we are pointing out. This will help you in deciding the roles of each battery.

  • How Big Are The Lead Plates?

One of the common things that you will find in both batteries are the lead plates. Yes, the boat batteries have them and the car batteries have them. This particular lead plate is then dipped in sulphuric acid. Why do you ask? Well, because with the dipping of these plates, a certain charge takes place. This charge along with the lead plates are then stored in the respective batteries.

Why are we discussing this suddenly? Well, because it is the thickness of the plates that are a matter of concern here. The difference in the size decides the type. Starter batteries, used in the cars, have a much thinner set of plates. But the marine batteries have a combination of both thin and thick plate. This keeps the marine batteries in the territory of deep-cycle batteries. Not many people know that but the marine batteries are a great hybrid of the starter and thicker ones. They are also made to use in the charging of solar power channels.

Difference Between A Marine Battery And A Car Battery

  • Voltage

There are different settings of voltage in the car and the marine batteries. But the supply of power is almost the same (up to 12 volts DC). A specific car battery has cranking amps to rate it. But things are a bit different with the deep cycle batteries. They often have a reserve rating technique. This rating is an indicator of the running time of the battery. It shows the time for which the battery is capable of running before losing any power.

There is another difference to notice between the marine and the car battery. A marine battery, compared to a car one, has a deeper discharge.

  • What Does Your Car Battery Do?

Batteries are not responsible for producing electricity. However, there is one thing that they do. They store the energy. The batteries are responsible for taking the charge during the working of a machine. This particular charge is stored for further use.

For your car, the battery has a simple task. To start the engine of the car. Hence, the name starter batteries. Powering the ignition and starter motor is all that it does. If your car battery isn’t functioning properly, your car is good for nothing. With the thin plates in action, car batteries differ from the marine ones.

Since the batteries form such an integral part of the car, it is essential to take care of it. Make sure that you check the connections and the battery of your car once in a while. Doing that you can avoid the future problems.

  • What Does A Marine Battery Do?

Marine batteries have an ability to discharge small amounts of energy. What they do is provide the initial boost of energy and then maintain a regular supply. They perform two functions. Starting the boat and providing the energy to the electrical aspects of the boat. These aspects include sound, lighting, pumps and everything else.

They are also pretty much robust in the size when compared to the car batteries. Consisting of thick lead plates, they have a sturdy look. And why not? After all, they have to cope with the shaking and the vibrations as well.

For someone who wants a particular battery for a boat, the marine battery would be the perfect option. Not only are they more efficient and useful, but they are also pretty durable and reliable as well.