How a Trolling Motor Helped Me Love Fishing Again


Fishing is an art. It can either be a business or hobby or recreation. Fishing is done with some planned strategies and involves nature’s luck. It also involves making right decisions quickly under certain circumstances. Fishing is a multi-billion dollar business carried on in different forms. If fishing is going to be your business or fishing regularly is your hobby, then you probably need a boat. To run or operate your boat efficiently during high waves, trolling motor is an unavoidable one.

Trolling motor is a real game changer. It has made fishing more simple and comfortable. Let’s discuss, how trolling motor makes your fishing easy.


  • Replacing traditional pedals:

When we operate Traditional fishing, the first thing that comes to our mind is about the difficulty of pedalling or rowing a boat. The difficulty of pedalling or rowing totally neglect fishing by few. But trolling motors have replaced the traditional one. By easily controlling the trolling motor, we can focus on fishing rather than focusing on pedals.  You can simply move around the boat and catch fish flexibly as pedalling work is automated by trolling motor. Also, save your time and energy to relax in a better way. Take your children without any restriction and enjoy fishing.

  • No worry of high wave or wind:

The sea does not stay calm all the time. Agree? You do agree if you have a fishing experience. The main speciality of trolling motor is that it works smoothly in high ways and strong wind. The boat remains to float balanced during strong waves which make your fishing worry-free. Pedalling or moving with wooden sticks during a storm is a very difficult task. Trolling motor relieves you from such task and moves your boat in the required direction without much difficulty.

  • Run by remote:

Trolling motor also comes with remote control option. This makes fishing little more convenient for you. You can sit at the other end of the boat and the trolling motor can be fixed at the other end. Without moving from one end to another end, you can easily control the motor with a handy remote. This helps fishing easier as you need not move frequently to the other end by disturbing the other person. So relax and enjoy the technology.

Some trolling motors come with the foot control pedal option, which allows you to control your boat amazingly effortless.

fishing experience with Trolling Motor

  • Acts as a Backup motor:

When your gas motor fails, trolling motor acts as a backup motor. So no more trouble when your gas motor fails in the middle of the sea or lake. Big gas motors can disrupt the fishes. In such case trolling motor acts as a better option. If fishing becomes this easy who doesn’t like fishing?

  • Move faster:

Trolling motor helps you to move your boat. When the lake is filled with grasses and other plants, then it becomes difficult to move your boat by the traditional way. But with the help of trolling motors, you can move the boat without any difficulty in any area.

  • Noiseless:

The main feature of trolling motor is that it runs muted. When you move on a traditional motor with pedals or wooden stick, you might probably make noise and disturb the fish to run away from that place, which in turn makes it difficult for fishing. But trolling motors runs completely noiseless which in turn does not frighten the fishes. So you can catch fishes in a calm and relaxed manner. Though you hear little noise outside, it stays completely silent inside the water.

  • Bigger boat or smaller boat?

Never bag about the size of the boat that you have. There are a variety of motors available in the market with different weights and sizes which can very well suit your boat. Therefore be wise to choose the right trolling motor for you’re a boat and have fun with fishing in a relaxed way.

The modern technology has automated every single work so that you sit back and enjoy fishing to the maximum extent possible.