Exide XMC-31 Megacycle Marine Battery Review

Exide XMC-31 – Reliability Tested


Marine batteries are not like typical car batteries. A car battery just needs enough concentrated power delivered to the starter to crank over and start the engine. After the engine is running the car battery is continuously charged by the alternator, so you don’t have to worry about onboard accessories losing power during your journey.

Marine batteries not only need the power to start up a high-compression engine, but enough reserve capacity to handle all other electrical loads since you may not have an available onboard charge source while out on the water. Marine batteries also need the durability and safety design to withstand turbulent waves, constant vibration, and trailer transport.

The Exide XMC-31 MegaCycle AGM-200 Sealed Maintenance Free (AGM) Marine Battery is as durable as they come. In fact, it has 12 times more vibration resistance than other similar batteries.

There are two other important considerations to take into account when selecting a marine battery (both of which the Exide XMC 31 MegaCycle fulfills with no problem).

First you want to make sure it has enough CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) to get you started in any condition. CCA is the number of amps a battery can deliver for 30 seconds at 0 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining above 7.2 volts. The MCA (Marine Cranking Amps) equivalent is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The Exide XMC-31 MegaCycle comes with 925 CCA at 0 degrees F and 1125 at 32 degrees F (batteries function better in warmer temperatures). This is plenty of starting juice for most users.

Second you want to make sure the battery has enough reserve capacity for your needs (measured in minutes). The Exide XMC-31 MegaCycle AGM-200 Sealed Maintenance Free (AGM) Marine Battery comes with 200 minutes of reserve capacity (just over 3 hours of worry-free time on the water). The XMC-31 is a deep cycle battery and you can rely on it to provide a steady power output over an extended period of time. This group 31 battery will need a serious charging source. Something like a 15A/12V charger is adequate to maintain the battery.

The Exide XMC-31 MEGACYCLE AGM-200 Sealed Maintenance Free (AGM) Marine Battery is a valve regulated lead acid marine battery with an absorbed glass mat (AGM) that absorbs sulfuric acid and makes the XMC-31 spill-proof on choppy waters. AGM batteries in general are designed to provide long service life (even in deep cycle) and high currents on demand.

Exide XMC-31 MEGACYCLE AGM-200 Marine Battery

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Product Specifications of XMC-31 Megacycle AGM-200

  • Manufacturer – Exide
  • Weight –75 pounds
  • BCI Group Size – 31
  • Electrolyte Separator – AGM type (absorbed glass mat)
  • CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) – 950 CCA to 1110 CCA
  • RC (Reserve Capacity) – 200 minutes
  • Battery Size – 12V
  • Capacity (20 hours) – 100 Ah
  • Maximum 5s Discharging Current – 1400 A
  • Warranty – 2 years Limited (free replacement)
  • Return – up to 90 days
  • Price – $238 onwards
  • Shipping – free
  • Handling recommended – by team

A word of clarification regarding some of the specifications given above, before we move on to look at the pros and cons. The CCA provided is for two different temperatures, 950 CCA is at 0oF, while 1110 CCA is at 32oF. The RC mentioned above is a minimum of 200 minutes at a continuous draw of 25 amps at 82oF.  Warranty is only for free replacement, and pro rata warranty has been discontinued since 2012.

The battery has a removable handle, and is recommended to be moved by at least two persons. It is completely sealed and non-spillable. The dual terminals are of wire lead type. For used batteries, the date of manufacture needs to be checked. The price listed does not include any other accessories, so your total cost would go up if you also need to purchase battery trays, wires etc.


  • Hybrid battery with dual use, can be used for engine starting as well as ongoing running of appliances
  • High cold cranking amperes to give you a good power boost for starting the engine
  • Reserve capacity of more than 3 hours, so you can enjoy extended periods without worry
  • Good for heavy usage
  • Competitively priced
  • Free Replacement Warranty of two years
  • Good resistance to vibration
  • 40% greater charge acceptance compared to similar batteries in this category
  • Absorbed Glass Mat effectively separates the two cathodes, so there is no risk of the electrolytes drying out


  • At 75 lbs, it is a very heavy battery, so handling is to be done carefully, and there is a risk of injury if improperly done
  • Might not give optimum performance if date of purchase is too much later than the date of manufacture


As you can see above, this battery from the house of Exide has more good features than problem areas, and this is also reflected in the user reviews posted online. The large number of benefits is what one can expect from a reputed manufacturer. The heaviness of this battery is because it is stuffed with lead, so it needs to be handled carefully. If you can ensure that the XMC-31 Megacycle AGM-200 marine battery you buy is not too dated, and if you can handle the heavy weight, then we can recommend this product for all your heavy usage, and enjoy a worry-free long life for your battery.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon