The Best Marine Electrical Wire

Do you know how important it is to know how marine electrical wire and trolling motor wire work? These wires serve as a boat’s electrical system’s blood vessels. Just like you, boats have blood vessels as well to take care of in order to perform at their best. The marine electrical wire and trolling motor wire is specially designed for boats to handle moderate to extreme conditions on board. This is due to the fact that ordinary home wires can be damaged easily when used on boats.

The salt water can cause rust while the oil spillage can cause a fire to the wire so it safer to use specialized wires for boats. In addition, marine electrical wire and trolling motor wire is larger compared with ordinary home wire. However, each strand of wire is designed to be finer which makes it more flexible and easier to handle when dealing with boat vibrations.

Our Top Picks for Marine Electrical Wire


Ancor Marine Grade Duplex and Triplex Wire

Unlike other types of wires, Ancor Marine Grade Duplex and Triplex Wire are made from separate or individual copper strands. Ancor Marine Grade Duplex and Triplex Wire are also tinned to make sure that it can withstand the harsh marine elements. Since Ancor’s brand has been established in the wires and cables industry, it became one of the top sellers in the market.

Aside from being resistant, it is no doubt one of the most durable wires that are perfect for a boat’s electrical system. From primary wires to specialty wires, Ancor’s duplex and triplex wire are recommended by experts to all boaters.

Best Marine Electrical Wire

Features and Specifications:

  • Its ultra-flexible type 3 strand is designed to resist even the harshest vibration on board while providing extra protection against corrosion
  • Its individually wrapped copper strands are tinned to perfection to cater for the harsh marine elements
  • Its wire quality beats all UL 1426, US Coast Guard Charter boat (CFR title 46) and ABYC standards
  • It is made with 600V wire insulation, 105°C dry and 75°C wet and rate
  • Its outer jacket is designed to be removed with ease and protect the wire against abrasion
  • It is available in three Marine Grade primary conductors in a white common jacket


  • Its wire is very flexible and easier to handle
  • Its wire can withstand harsh vibrations and flexing
  • Its coat can resist even the harsh effects of salt water, abrasion, and heat
  • It can even withstand UV rays, gasoline, oil, and battery acid


  • Its price is a little bit higher
  • It is not designed for external use even if it can handle UV rays

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Marine Grade Wire & Battery Cable 18 AWG – 4/0 AWG and Spool Sizes

Since we all know that using the right wire and cable is one of the best ways to reduce the pain of wiring, do your homework. Ancor Marine Grade Wire & Battery Cable can give you a boost in confidence once you are on board in your boat. Not only because Ancor is a reliable brand but also because this it is specifically made for marine use.

Its exclusive vinyl wire insulation gives Ancor Marine Grade Wire & Battery Cable an advantage over its competitors. In addition, Ancor Marine Grade Wire & Battery Cable is an extremely durable solution for your boat’s electrical system.

Best Trolling Motor Wire

Features and specifications:

  • Its ultra-flexible type 3 wire is designed to fight the harsh fatigue caused by the continuous flexing of wire and vibration on board
  • Its Ancor proprietary premium vinyl wire insulation can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, gasoline, oil, battery acid, and UV rays
  • Its tinned stranded copper strands are covered with a special coating that provides it with a maximum protection against electrolysis and corrosion
  • Its exclusive Ancor wire insulation is rated with 600V, 105°C dry and 75°C wet rate to resist heat and scratch
  • Its quality exceeds UL 1426, US Coast Guard Charter Boat and ABYC standards


  • It is a durable internal wiring for boats
  • It is available in color-coded vinyl to match your wires and organize them better
  • It is approved by reliable authorities in the wire and cable industry
  • It has premium grade wire insulation for maximum protection


  • It is a little costly compared with other marine grade wires
  • It is not sold in longer lengths and has one line only

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50ft 18 Gauge Speaker Wire

While marine grade wires are very popular in improving and taking care of boat electrical systems, it can be handy in speakers too. Of course, we are referring to a marine grade speaker wire here. This means that you can also bring a speaker to hear your favorite songs while in the water. Instead of sticking with the ordinary speaker wire, you should also use Waterproof Marine Grade Cable in Spool for better performance.

Besides, your speaker wire can certainly last for a longer time than any other wire if you use it on a boat. Only special marine grade wires are capable of withstanding the harsh marine environment and elements.

Trolling Motor Wire Reviews

Features and specifications:

  • Its 18 gauge speaker wire is certified water resistant to offer a better and safer connection for your speaker and amplifier or receiver
  • Its marine grade cable is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use even if you use it by the pool or on any marine vehicle
  • It produces an undistorted signal which allows it to create a high-quality signal from any audio equipment that is connected to it
  • Its white polarity mark is outlined on one side of the speaker cable wire to differentiate the polarity and set any audio stereo like a pro


  • It is very affordable
  • It has a mark for the distinction of polarity, and maximum protection
  • It is ideal for installing any audio equipment on any type of boat
  • It is available in 50 feet length spool and 18 AWG stereo wires


  • Its tinned wire is not that high-grade to last for years of regular use
  • Its gauge is not the large enough

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Uses For Marine Electrical Wire

Marine grade electrical wire and trolling motor wire is indeed a fine work of art. A marine grade wire is stranded since it is made up of small fine wires stranded together. Its stranded design makes it more flexible to withstand any wire movement or vibration while on board. Ordinary wires that are too solid may only seem tougher but is easier to break when used in a boat’s electrical system.

Moreover, this kind of wire is tinned which means each fine strand is tin plated. So, here are some of the top things to consider when using the marine electrical wire and trolling motor wire:

  • It follows AWG standards

Instead of following the most common standard SAE or Society of Automotive Engineers, it follows the American Wire Gauge standards. Thus, it is 10-12% larger compared with other wires. This also means that a marine grade electrical wire and trolling motor wire can carry a bigger amount of current without needing overheating.

  • Its strands are finer but more efficient

One of the biggest reasons why you should not use an ordinary wire at home for your boat is because of its unique design. Aside from the mentioned fact that a marine grade electrical wire and trolling motor wire is larger, it is finer and more efficient. Simple because you can work it out faster and better than other kinds of wires. You can snake it better in wire chases without breaking it.

  • It is a great conductor

A marine grade electrical wire and trolling motor wire is a better electrical conductor than other solid wire surfaces. This is thanks to its stranded wire that is composed of improved strands that are resistant to corrosion. Thus, electricity can travel way faster and better in the wire compared with a single wire surface that is solid and easy to break.

  • It is durable and long-lasting

When you are using a best quality marine battery wire, you can worry less about its safety. Why? It is because of its special design and construction. These things prevent it from being damaged by too much UV light, acid, gas, oil, salt water, and other marine hazards. Thus, you can worry less about its safety and focus more on your boating.

As a matter of fact, another thing that helps it last longer is its color codes. Since it is available in marine color codes, you can easily match your wires’ colors to organize it better. This can be a big help for you in the future once you need to do maintenance.

  • Its length size

Considering that you need to connect it to a power source, you need to make sure that its length is long enough to make it. The length size here refers to the distance of the battery to the factory to the trolling motor leads. If your wire is insufficient, it will become hot to the touch and the motor continues to run with lesser and lesser thrust. Some wire insulations even melt due to excessive heat which is really dangerous.


Take note that since wire differs, it is important to identify which is which. You should not use any wire other than a marine grade electrical wire and trolling motor wire for the job. Whether you are new or not in boating, you are not excused when it comes to using the right marine electrical wires. In fact, you should be more knowledgeable when it comes to this matter to ensure your safety.

Depending on the boat you have, you can find a lot of choices when it comes to wirings. All you have to do is search the web for online stores or visit brick and mortar shops. Find a useful guideline like this on how to find one.