Worth It? Mighty Max ML35 12V Deep Cycle Battery

Our Take on the Mighty Max ML35 12v


The ML35-12 – 35AH 12V U1 Deep cycle battery is an efficient and durable battery offered by Mighty Max. This AGM solar battery comes with the heavy-duty and state-of-art calcium-alloy grid which delivers exceptional performance. It also offers excellent service life and other benefits in both cyclic and floats application. The unique features ensure this battery to deliver the power when people need it. Most importantly, this ML35-12 is an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology that includes a tap regulated design. It is helpful in both the indoor and enclosed environments without any maintenance or leaking. Furthermore, it provides the most outstanding performance for several models.

Mighty Max ML35 12V Deep Cycle Battery Reviews

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The AGM technology in this battery let it include minimal inner resistance.  Hence, it has some unique ability to offer better currents. It also keeps stably even at the greater range of output. The SLA batteries of Mighty Max are useful in an extensive range of applications. It includes Consumer Electronics, Engine Starters, Electric Vehicles, Golf Carts, Lawn, Hunting, and Garden Tools. It also plays a major role in Medical Mobility, Power sports, Security, Motorcycles, Portable Tools, Toys, Solar, and Hobby, Emergency Lighting, Access Control Devices, and much more.


It has many best features including:

  • Leak-proof

This Mighty Max 12V Ml35-12 use the AGM that means all electrolytes is evenly spread over its absorbent fiberglass. This technology ensures that this battery is leak-proof and is safe for everyone.

  • Portable

It is both lightweight and compact that makes this battery perfect for different outdoor uses such as automatic golf carts, compact medical devices, powering the trolling motors, gardening tools and more.

  • Corrosion-free

The AGM batteries are well-known for their technology and design. They are less prone to the corrosion related hassles.

  • Valve-regulated

It is an evenly sealed or covered lead-acid battery which is also known as valve-regulated battery. It has a valve for getting gases get away during overheating, hence reducing any damage to your battery as well as the requirement for ventilation.

  • Sturdy

The surface of this deep cycle battery is designed to withstand both vibration and shocks. The durable or sturdy battery is also helpful in outdoor applications. It works properly in different temperatures and brings the user a peaceful mind.


  • It has compact design
  • The overall measurement of this battery is 7.68 in x 5.16 in x 7.13 in
  • It has the weight of 23.15 Lbs.


  • This battery is small
  • The lightweight feature let user bring this battery to various electrical systems without any difficulties
  • The AGM technology lets you place it in various orientations and this battery will work fine
  • The study body of this deep cycle battery withstand even both vibration and shocks
  • It works effectively in an array of temperatures
  • It has sturdy features
  • Fast charging results
  • It is charger-friendly


  • The major thing is about the cost of this battery
  • This battery is actually set in high level when comparing to other batteries while delivering same performance


Even though still including some drawbacks that may make people feel unpleasant, this deep cycle battery is worth to consider. This budget-friendly solar power battery comes with lots of best features and awesome specifications to meet your entire power needs. In addition, this Mighty Max battery comes with the recharging option that let it get recharged quickly by using solar power. Moreover, this Mighty Max deep cycle solar battery brings you a peaceful mind.

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