Minn Kota Riptide Trolling Motors Review – A Corrosion Fighter


The Minn Kota Riptide Saltwater Bow-Mount trolling motors continue to be desired by the boating community who operate in tough and harsh saltwater marine conditions. These motors stand out for their proven reliability and are consistently rated between  4 to 5 stars by their owners. It does not matter whether you are using yours for fishing in unsettled conditions or just cruising and relaxing on a beautiful calm day, these motors will ensure you are never disappointed.

Minn Kota Riptide Trolling Motors

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Modern Motors

At a press release In July 2011 Minn Kota showed off their new look modern Riptide SE Bow-Mount trolling motors to great enthusiasm from the fishing and boating community. Minn Kota claims that these motors will be as rugged and dependable as always and the changes made will only improve their reputation.

The Minn Kota Riptide SE Bow-Mount saltwater trolling motors have been redesigned. They now have a more modern sleek look which enhances their aesthetics as well as their reputation for toughness and durability. These are no frills entry level motors for boats up to 22 feet long, Available in 50lb and 80 lb thrust.

  • The SM model is also an entry level motor but a step up for large boats. It includes the Bowguard and is available in 101lb thrust.
  • The SP model for medium boats has technology rich automatic control features like co-pilot, autopilot and GPS i- pilot. Available in 55lb and 70lb thrust.
  • The ST model has all the high tech features of the SP which includes i-pilot, auto pilot, copilot and also foot pedal control steering. For medium to large boats and is available in 55lb, 80lb and 101lb thrust.
  • The SF Model is for heavy duty use and is available in 80lb and 191lb thrust. This is a no nonsense motor.

Corrosion Resistant

The Minn Kota Riptide motors are constructed by combining precision with superior materials to withstand the harsh salt water conditions. Serious saltwater anglers can be assured that these motors will perform in the most extreme conditions.

The Riptide Mono Arm incorporates fewer moving parts and all metal-on -metal interfaces are isolated with composite bushings. All these features will ensure your Riptide trolling motor endures reduced wear and tear and a very long life.

Minn Kota Riptide Trolling Motors Other Items Include:

  • A latch and Door mounting system
  • Composite shaft for lifelong durability
  • Ultra responsive foot pedal
  • Saltwater resistant anodized aluminum upper arm
  • Encapsulated electronics
  • Patented sacrificial zinc
  • Digital maximizer resulting in 5 times longer run time
  • Lift -Assist gas-charged spring into the bow-mount for easy lifting

Serious Demands

When Minn Kota set out to meet the serious demands of saltwater fishing, they built a trolling motor that could take a lot of punishment and withstand the corrosive environment it would perform in.

The tiller handle is contoured for comfort, tilts up to 45 degrees and can extend from 9.25 inches up to 15.25 inches. i-Pilot, a GPS control system using GPS technology for navigation and positioning is also available on certain Riptide models

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon