Optima Batteries 8052-161- Reliability Review

Our Review on Optima 8052-161 Bluetop Battery


This model of Optima serves both purposes – it can be used for starting as well as for continuously providing charge in a deep cycle. This is what makes a dual use battery different from a regular automotive battery. It would not only provide the initial starting power to the marine vessel where it is used, and then provide running power for the appliances within or attached to the boat. Because of its use in harsh maritime conditions, the dual battery needs to be robust and capable of withstanding rough working conditions like violent jerks and sub optimal moisture conditions.

Since recharging might not be available immediately at all times, it should be able to provide running power at lower levels for longer periods, to actually make it ‘maintenance free’ as much as possible. The Optima 8052-161 has been designed for this purpose. It has a dainty design and a bright blue color, which sets it apart from the usual blacks and greys. But let us ignore the looks for now and look into the product features, so that you can understand whether it works for you.

Optima Batteries 8052-161 D31M BlueTop Battery Reviews

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Product Specifications of Optima 8052-161 Blue Top

  • Manufacturer – Optima
  • Weight –60 pounds
  • BCI Group Size – 31
  • Electrolyte Separator – AGM type (absorbed glass mat)
  • CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) – 900 CCA to 1125 CCA (depending on ambient temperature)
  • RC (Reserve Capacity) – 155 minutes
  • Battery Size – 12V
  • Capacity (20 hours) – 75 Ah
  • Warranty – 2 years Limited (free replacement)
  • Price – $331(price does not include chargers etc.). Charger will cost about $90
  • Shipping – free
  • Handling recommended – by team

The unique feature of the Optima Batteries 8052-161 D31M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Battery is its SpiralCell technology. This is a process in which the lead plates (electrodes) are surrounded by continuous spiral winding wires, making the control better. This will allow three times more recharges as similar batteries in the similar category. The extremely low tolerance levels also influence the choice of material for the casing.

All this makes this product slightly more expensive, but we need to check if the performance of this battery makes the price worth it. You will like the thick casing for this battery, made of polypropylene, which makes it more equipped to handle harsh ambient conditions. Unlike many other batteries, it works fine even if placed on its side, in case your storage space dimensions demand it. It is completely sealed and non-spillable.


  • This is a hybrid battery with dual use, so it can be used for engine starting as well as ongoing running of appliances on the marine vessel
  • Quicker charging time compared to acid batteries
  • High cold cranking amperes helps in effortless starting
  • Although heavy, but lighter than comparative brands
  • Good for low maintenance heavy usage
  • Free Replacement Warranty of two years
  • Very high resistance to and protection against vibration
  • Recharge is possible from both alternating current sources and from batteries
  • Very low internal resistance, so can provide power output more efficiently


  • Being of AGM type, it carries the risk of overcharging if you do not follow the instruction manual accurately, which might result in the need for complete replacement instead of a simple water change
  • At present doesn’t ship to places outside USA


Although users seemed satisfied overall with the value for money provided by the Optima 8052-161 Blue Top, it is slightly higher priced than comparable best marine batteries manufactured for dual use. The performance, durability and ability to work well in adverse ambient conditions make it a good choice for users who need heavy power. If you are in USA, you can have it shipped for free, and enjoy the heavy power of this 60 lb. beauty, which also comes with a two-year free replacement warranty. It looks good, and delivers quality, so this is a good buy for the long term, in our opinion.

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