How to select a Good Trolling Motor Battery For Fishing Boat


When you plan to go for fishing, make sure that you have a good trolling motor with battery. When the motor stops in the middle of the sea, a good battery with trolling motor can save you. So, how do I get a good trolling motor battery? There are a lot of things that you need to consider. Today, we list seven important factors to be considered before buying a trolling motor battery.

  • Battery size and weight:

If you have a bigger boat then the weight or size of the battery doesn’t matter. But if you have a smaller boat then look for a smaller trolling motor battery. Because heavy weight trolling motor battery can sink your small boat. You can look for a battery that weights average around 40 pounds. Also, consider the area of the boat so that the battery perfectly sits in the boat.

Fishing Boat

  • Vibration resistance:

Most of the people ignore this factor while buying a battery which is considered most important. Fishing boats usually travel in a violent and rough water. Therefore fishing boats are prone to vibration. The extreme vibration in the boat can often harm the performance of the battery. There is a wide range of batteries available in the market that are vibration resistant. Try to find such one so that your battery is not harmed and also have a longer performance.

  • Reserve capacity:

Reserve capacity/ hours per charge resembles the length of the working time of the battery. If you are planning for longer fishing trips then probably you need a battery with higher capacity that can work for a longer time per charge. So how to find the right capacity for your motor? Reserve capacity depends upon the amps required by the trolling motor to run your boat. For example, a battery with 180 RC minutes which runs with 25 amp trolling motor can run for 3 hours. Therefore the run-time depends upon the power required by the trolling motor. As per your regular fishing time choose the best battery that can match your time. Check for the customer reviews who have earlier used the product. Remember, for a deepwater fishing you need a with a high amp hour rating in the battery.

  • Brand:

There are many brands available in the market and some of them look quite similar. Therefore going for a well-known brand is always preferable. Choosing a branded battery can have an uninterrupted and efficient performance for long period of time. Branded batteries also come with warranty period, so that you can replace them with no cost. Look for popular brands such as Minn Kota, Optima, Vmax Tanks and etc. Choosing a non-branded battery can waste your money.

  • Price:

Price is the common factor to consider before buying any product. Batteries are available in many price ranges based on their inbuilt features. Therefore it is important to note whether your preferred battery fits within your budget. Also, check the price of the preferred batteries offered by other sellers. If you are a better bargainer, then you pocket some more money.

Trolling Motor Battery For Fishing Boat

  • Lifespan/ Durability:

While buying your trolling motor battery, try to make sure that the battery has a longer lifespan. Normally the warranty period does not cover the whole lifespan. Therefore ask the dealer about the life of the battery or check with the customer reviews available online. Good maintenance of the battery can have a longer battery life. Buying a battery with less lifespan is an utter waste of money.

  • Motor type:

You can help choosing the right type of battery based on the type of motor that you use. Fishing boats with long trolling motor require a long powered battery. It provides sufficient amp power and RC and is also durable which can be a better choice for fishing. But if the trolling motor needs specified power requirements to kick-start the boat then go for combined or hybrid battery model which helps to start the motor and can also be used as a deep cycle battery.

The best part of fishing is that you buy the right equipment. By considering the above points choose the right trolling motor battery as per your requirements and have a better fishing experience.