Minn Kota Riptide Transom Trolling Motors Review


The Minn Kota Riptide Transom Mount salt water trolling motor is a true harsh environment warrior. Built to last it is possibly the most rugged trolling motor on the water. These Riptide electric trolling motors have been designed take on all competitors and win hands down with a knockout. No dilly dallying with the riptide transom, it’s a simple get up and go motor.

If you are cruising in your big yacht or motor yacht and want to explore those hard to get at shallow rivers and bays, then using a riptide motor fixed to the dinghy is ideal. You can also use them to creep up really close to big sleeping nurse sharks, resting turtles or any other sea life out there before they become aware that you are watching them. When they do get spooked they will give a great Houdini escape display which can at times be very exciting.

Riptide Transom Trolling Motors Review

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  • Quick And Simple

With the easy thumb release you have a choice of 10 positions to set your Riptide Transom in the water. There are no buttons or release levers to hassle with and a simple one handed pull up is all that’s required to stow the motor. The quick -lock cam depth adjuster helps you to set your motor to the required depth to suit your environment. If in shallow water it is easy to set your motor so you won’t plough a furrow in the lake floor.

With available thrust levels from 40lb, 45lb, 50lb and 55lb you have an exciting choice to choose from. Saltwater conditions found along the coast usually means rougher water and windier conditions. These motors are constructed with this in mind and their proven track record shines through.

  • Times 5

Some select motors include the Digital Maximizer which optimizes power thereby extending your battery life. This great feature will help increase your time on the water, times 5.

  • Responsive Steering

The simple Minn Kota tilt, twist and extend tiller makes steering a joy. The tiller is light and very responsive making getting into those tight and awkward fish hide away holes easy. The Riptide Transom mount steering tension control is another feature that helps to manage the boats maneuverability like child play.

  • Corrosion Protection

For saltwater protection the Riptide Transom is built from premium marine grade alloys and aluminum. After anodizing and zinc dichromate armor plating stages have been completed the components are finished with polyester powder coat paint. A patented sacrificial zinc anode is the last barrier added to prevent possible saltwater corrosion.

Available Riptide Transom Motors At Amazon

There is a huge range of these transom motors available at Amazon for you to choose from. Ranging from 40 lb to 55 lb thrust with shaft lengths from 26″ to 42″ these motors are driven with 12 volt batteries. The Riptide ST series with the new i-pilot can also be found here.

These motors are used by large or small boats, professionals or amateur fishermen and the lazy Sunday afternoon cruiser.

Some Specs

Model                                           Max Boat Length                                       Max Amp Draw

40lb thrust                                            +- 16Ft                                                        42Amp

45lb thrust                                            +- 18Ft                                                        42Amp

50lb thrust                                            +- 20Ft                                                        50Amp

55lb thrust                                            +- 20Ft                                                        50Amp

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