Best RV Battery Comparisons – Rated For Longevity

Over the years, batteries have taken care of our energy needs. There are several different types of batteries. And, a unique variety would be the “RV Batteries. A lot of people are concerned about the batteries in their recreational vehicles. These batteries are significantly different from the ones used in our homes and cars. RV (Recreational Vehicle) batteries are powerful elements that can power water pumps, lights, and other 12-volt devices. You can connect multiple RV batteries and form a single unit. These batteries are designed with “interesting” features and characteristics.

Most RV batteries are used to start engines and power homes. However, these batteries have high CCA ratings. That is because the engine in recreational vehicles is large. Before you buy a best deep cycle RV battery, you must be aware of its types (with the differences), characteristics and models.


The Top 5 Recreational Vehicle (RV) Batteries

  • Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M
  • 12-Volt, 750 Cold Cranking Amps
  • Size: 10 inches x 6 7/8 inches x 7 13/16 inches tall
  • Weight: 43.5 pounds
  • Optimal starting power even in bad weather
  • Odyssey PC680 Battery
  • Voltage:- 12 volts
  • Size: 7.9 x 7.8 x 3.8 inches
  • Weight:- 15 pounds
  • Warranty: Limited 2-year
  • UPG 85980/D5722 Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Voltage:- 12 Volts
  • Size:- 8.1 x 8.1 x 5.9 inches
  • Weight:- 22.6 pounds
  • 35 Amp hours
  • Vmaxtanks Vmaxslr125 AGM Deep Cycle Battery
  • Voltage:- 12 Volt
  • Size:- 6.8 x 12.9 x 8.7 inches
  • Weight:- 75 pounds
  • Float service life span of 8 to 10 years
  • Lifeline Marine AGM Battery - GPL-31T
  • Voltage:- 12 Volt
  • Size:- 12.9 x 6.8 x 9.3 inches
  • Weight:- 69 pounds
  • AGM technology

Optima Blue Top D34M Deep Cycle RV Battery

D34M is a powerful battery with 12-volts. It is a dual purpose battery. The battery measures 6.88 inches by 7.94 inches by 10.06 inches. A new D34M battery weighs around 45 pounds. This makes the battery compact and portable. best rv batteryWhen you buy a new battery, you will get 870 A cranking amps and 750 cold cranking amps. This battery is built using patented technology. It works on Spiralcell technology and flawless AGM design. These technologies make the RV battery absolutely reliable and performance-oriented. Indeed, this is one of the finest RV batteries in the market.

This RV battery is meant for multiple loads. As mentioned previously, you can use it for dual-purpose requirements. This battery is often used to power and start recreational vehicles. The AGM design makes sure the battery offers maximum flexibility and is spill proof. As long as you use the battery within 51.7 degree Celsius, you will have no limitations on current. The battery can resist extreme weather conditions and heavy vibrations too! Even if you are planning to charge your RV on a bad day, D34M will help you!


  • D34M is 15 times lightweight and resistant.
  • It offers 3x cycling capacity than traditional batteries.
  • AGM technology makes the battery maintenance free and spills proof.
  • You don’t need to refill the battery using distilled water.
  • It offers optimal cycle capacity and superb cranking efficiency.


  • You must not overcharge the battery. You should charge the battery very carefully. Stick to the recommended charger and duration.

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Odyssey PC680 Battery

If you are planning to buy an Odyssey RV battery, you must go for PC680-P. This battery is identified as a market leader! Over the years, RV batteries from Odyssey have been successful. These batteries are similar to PC680. Yet, there are small differences. rv battery reviewsThis battery makes use of AGM technology. AGM increases the battery’s overall lifespan by 3-times. When compared to conventional RV batteries, PC680-P is too-powerful. The battery works at 400 cycles per 80% depth discharge. This is definitely an impressive lifespan and performance rate for such an inexpensive RV battery.

According to experts, Odyssey PC680-P performs in all weather conditions. Even at the extreme Colorado Mountains, this agm RV battery operates perfectly. (This is definitely an ideal condition to put your AGM-based RV battery on test). Even as the temperature and pressure reach freezing conditions, the RV battery continues to function flawlessly.


  • The battery is shipped with 3 to 10 years of replacement warranty.
  • It offers 170 cold cranking amps!
  • When compared to other batteries, this product from Odyssey is both long lasting and stronger. It has a prominent life cycle. To be more precise, it has 70% longer lifetime than the rest.
  • The battery recharges quickly. In less than 4 hours you can recharge the battery to 100%.
  • The RV battery is designed with high vibration resistance.
  • This battery has a no-spill design.
  • It is absolutely easy to install. You can conveniently mount the battery.


  • If you live in Catalina Island, you cannot buy this battery.

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UPG 85980/D5722 Sealed Lead Acid Battery

UPG 85980/D5722 Sealed Lead Acid Battery is a renowned product in the market. It is known for its trustworthy design and patented technology. With the UPG Sealed Lead Acid Battery, you can power exit lights, back up units, flashlights, spotlights and other equipment. best deep cycle rv batteryA wide range of applications can be managed using this battery. What makes UPG 85980/D5722 special would be its affordable price. You will get an interesting range of features at rock bottom rates. Undeniably, this battery will meet and exceed your expectations. It is one of the best deep cycle battery for rv on the market.

UPG 85980/D5722 is a valve regulated 12 volt deep cycle rv battery. It measures 10 x 10 x 7 inches. It is designed with a capacity of 35 Amp Hour. This is a lightweight battery (22.6 pounds) that is both compact and portable.


  • This battery is meant for emergency lighting, security purposes, electric fences, medical mobility, garage door backup and uninterruptible power supplies. It is very effective and convenient.
  • This UPG sealed lead battery ensures high levels of safety. The entire battery is neatly sealed. It is solid and simple.
  • You can charge the battery in few hours!
  • The UPG sealed lead battery is great for outdoor use. It is built on Absorbent Glass Mat technology. This technology ensures superior performance and plenty of power.
  • You can meet all your household needs with this battery. It has along shelf life too! This is why you can use the battery to charge many devices.


  • You cannot charge domestic power generators.
  • The terminal post holes are small.

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Vmaxtanks Vmaxslr125 AGM Solar Battery

Vmaxtanks is a leader in producing high-quality AGM batteries. The brand offers solar support and deep cycle protection. For years, customers admire the brand for its performance-oriented batteries. These batteries are formulated to work for years. On an average, Vmaxtanks AGM batteries can last between 8 and 10 years. agm rv battery reviewsWhen compared to traditional solar batteries, Vmaxslr125 is phenomenal. In general, solar batteries are not designed to engage in deep cycles. Vmaxslr125 is different. These batteries are renowned for its deep cycle protection.

Vmaxslr125 can create recombination capabilities without producing hazardous gas or fumes. Ninety-nine percent of the time, Vmaxslr125 is safe. Nothing damage can happen when you use this solar battery. Vmaxslr125 has a reserve capacity of more than 250 minutes. This capacity is definitely impressive for a solar battery.


  • The battery can last between 8 and 10 years! It has a very good lifespan.
  • It has a deep cycle battery that measures 12 volts.
  • The battery has a nylon handle. This makes it easy to carry the RV battery around.
  • Vmaxslr125 has a reserve capacity of 250+ minutes.
  • This solar battery is easy to maintain and it doesn’t suffer leaks.
  • You can power multiple applications using this battery!


  • The solar battery should be maintained with care! Without property maintenance, it may run into a series of issues.
  • Vmaxslr125 must be charged using the recommended device.
  • The battery’s voltage must not drop below 80%! This way you can ensure longer battery life.

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Lifeline Marine AGM Battery – GPL-31T

If you want a battery that can survive in extreme latitudes, you must buy GPL 31T. May it be“polar ice” or equatorial heat, this battery can handle it all! It is designed to handle rugged and tough conditions. Even in subzero temperatures and extreme pressure, the battery doesn’t get damaged. Indeed, the GPL 31T is meant for harsh rv house battery

GPL 31T makes use of AGM technology. This helps in deep cycle services. It uses both cycle and float. Above all, the RV battery is absolutely maintenance free. When you are in extreme environments, the patented AGM design ensures both reliability and performance. According to experts, this product falls in line with Concorde Industries. Concorde specializes in producing batteries for aerospace. Just like Concorde’s conventional battery lines, GPL 31T takes care of all rough demands.


  • The battery promises high performance.
  • GPL 31T has a flawless build. It discharges at a rate of 1% every month. Even at 25 degrees Celsius, its discharge rates are remarkably low.
  • When compared to conventional batteries, GLP 31T enjoys a longer lifespan.
  • The battery is hand assembled. It is made of high-quality materials like epoxy resin. You can use the battery in extreme conditions and not worry about damage.


  • Till date, customers have not registered any drawbacks of complaints against this battery! For 400 USD, this is one of the best RV batteries in the market.

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Benefits of Good RV Batteries

There are many benefits in buying the market’s top rated rv battery. First of all, these batteries have reduced discharge rates. You don’t have to charge the batteries often. The overall cycle life of RV batteries is high. AGM technology seals the batteries and increases is deep cycles. Some batteries discharge at 20% a day or 30% a day. This makes RV batteries better than traditional options.

Most people admire RV batteries for its maintenance-free nature. AGM sealed batteries don’t leak or spill. They are carefully and tightly sealed. Unlike lead-acid batteries, you don’t have to add water or solvents into the battery. If you charge the RV battery properly (both right charger and correct duration), you don’t have to worry about anything. The battery will remain maintenance-free for years.

When you charge the RV battery, you will not be affected by gas releases. As mentioned previously, AGM-based batteries are thoroughly sealed. Since they are sealed, no harmful gases are released! You can keep them safely inside trailers, RVs, and power sources.

The top deep cycle battery for rv doesn’t suffer terminal corrosion. Once again, this can be attributed to its sealed nature. The batteries don’t corrode or contaminate. If you are planning to use the battery in off-grid applications, you will find the spill proof property useful. Performance and system balances depend on the battery’s spill-proof nature.

When you use the battery indoors, you will see the extensive performance. Even when the batteries are exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures, they work flawlessly.


How to Choose The Right RV Battery?

When you are planning to buy the market’s best selling RV battery, you must not focus only on the battery. RV batteries are much more than power sources. Most people believe that RV batteries don’t have to be replaced for years. Well, the reality is very different! RV batteries from the market’s best brands will last for a long time. But, you should buy the right property from a market leader. When you have campers and heavy travel trailers, you need deep cycle RV batteries. And, to start a car you need a simple 12v or 6 volt deep cycle rv battery.

Choosing the best RV deep cycle battery is an art.

First of all, you must understand the different types of RV batteries. Chassis batteries are also known as starting batteries. They can be used to start motorhomes and engines. They are similar to automotive batteries. They use cold cranking amps. Deep cycle batteries are meant for recreational vehicles and household appliances. These batteries can be used to power slide-out motors, refrigerators and lights. If you want more power, you must buy deep cycle batteries.

There are several different types of deep cycle RV batteries in the market. You can choose from Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), flooded electrolyte or gel-based batteries. AGM batteries can last longer than traditional batteries. However, they are expensive! If you want a battery that tolerates fast charging, you should go for AGM. Gel-based batteries don’t need frequent maintenance and they have a longer lifespan than flooded electrolytes.

When you buy an RV battery, focus on the power ratings. There are two different types of power ratings: RC rating and AH rating.


On the whole, choosing the best battery for RV is important for your appliances and vehicle. The market’s best battery will last longer and reduce your overall expense. The batteries don’t suffer corrosion and are reliable. Even in extreme weather conditions and usage, the best quality RV battery will last. This is why you should ask the right questions, research more and pick a better that best fits your need. Remember, you never know when your need for power would rise. And, when it does, buy the best RV battery. You can connect multiple batteries together and form a power-packed battery bank!