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A best trolling motor battery is simply a source of power that needs to charge up your boat so that it can run for a long time without any complications. Since trolling motor boats are meant for hitting small trips and also some good deal of fishing, they need powerful batteries to run so that each and every content on it stays clean and fresh. So, one should be careful while choosing the right battery for the right type of boat.

There are different types of trolling motor batteries like Deep-cycle, Absorbed Glass Mat, and Lithium-ion batteries. Depending on your requirement and budget, you need to pick the right type of motor battery. So, if you have plans in mind for a short trip with your loved ones on your boat, get high-quality and long-lasting batteries that can keep your boat active and safe for a certain amount of hours.


Our Favorites: Top 7 Trolling Motor Batteries Reviewed

  • Optima Batteries 8016-103-FFP D34M Marine Battery
  • Voltage -12 V
  • 750 Cold Cranking Amps
  • 2 Hour Reserve Capacity
  • MinnKota Trolling Motor Power Center
  • Voltage - 12V
  • 15/60 Amp Hours
  • Built-in battery meter displays
  • VMAX857 AGM Battery marine deep cycle Hi performance
  • Voltage - 12V
  • 35 Amp Hours
  • Heavy Duty Grids,Maintenance Free
  • 35AH Light Trolling Motor Battery Minn Kota
  • Voltage - 12V
  • 35 Amp Hours
  • wide operating temperatures, resists shocks and vibration
  • UB121000 12V 100AH Solar Wind AGM Deep Cycle Battery
  • Voltage -12 V
  • 100 Amp Hours
  • Spill Proof Construction

Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M Deep Cycle Marine Battery

In sharp contrast to a traditional battery comes this high-performance Optima battery 8016-103. Designed to keep trolling motors charged for hours, this little powerhouse will now be delivering exceptional running time along with frequent charges, unlike other batteries. Apart from boats, it has also brought stunning results for RV owners who can now consider this battery to get their RVs going. best trolling motor battery

Optima battery 8016-103 stands out not only in terms of its vibration resistance but also in faster recharges. So, the faster your boat gets charged, the better it is for the battery and best for your trips. Moreover, it is free of high maintenance and boat owners can stay assured of it.

Optima battery is so powerful that it can be recharged up to three times than marine batteries, and isn’t that a great thing about it? Besides, it keeps away all chances of any sort of leaks that still remains a concern for other batteries.

Being user-friendly, it is easy to mount at any position and takes no time to install at all. Besides, these batteries are so compatible that they would work great with all RVs and other boats as well. Optima battery 8016-103, therefore is value for money, especially with its high cranking power.


  • Impressive running time and can power up boats quickly
  • Has the power to resist strong vibrations
  • Works great for recreational vehicles and keeps them powered for hours
  • Does not require any sort of maintenance


  • Very bad cranking power that often puts a question on consistency
  • Not so long-lasting

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 DCM0035 Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery

One of the biggest advantages of installing a compact and lightweight trolling motor battery is that it frees you from the fear of weighing down your boat. With such a promise comes this small yet incredibly powerful trolling motor battery, Interstate DCM0035. Believe it or not, it weighs only 23 pounds that makes it so light in weight. Once you install it, your boat won’t actually feel heavy from inside. trolling motor battery reviews

Packed with enough power to let your boat stay active for hours, this motor battery is also high on safety as it has a thick plastic exterior. With this, it holds the ability to withstand uninvited bumps and jerks that might later affect its working mechanism.

Interstate DCM0035 can take any angle, any position for the mount. Even it hardly takes time to install, especially for its AGM technology. Designed to charge faster in comparison to other batteries, it does not require any hard and fast maintenance.

In terms of affordability, this new-age deep cycle battery is quite economical than typical 100 AH batteries. Small boat owners would love considering Interstate marine batteries any day for its compact size. In other words, it is a worthy product for mini boats.


  • Extremely compact and light in weight that makes it effortless to install
  • Safety assured owing to its durable plastic exterior
  • Charges the boat faster unlike typical batteries
  • Quite easy on the pocket


  • Size of the battery is too small
  • Does not fit all types of boats

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VMAX857 12 Volt 35AH Marine Deep Cycle AGM Battery

How about installing motor batteries that score high on performance and low on maintenance? Wise motorboat owners would always do that, and where there is VMAX 857, nothing would leave one disappointed. If you talk about its durability, there is nothing like it since it comes in heavy duty tin-lead alloys.

Consequently, this increases its possibilities to perform with more vigor despite frequent discharges. best trolling motor battery reviewsIn fact, boat owners will love owning this deep cycle battery as this does not require one to check the specific gravity of the electrolyte. To be more precise, there is no need to add water to these motors.

Weighing 25 pounds, it is extremely light in weight and is, therefore, quite good for the boat. Besides, it is any day worth considering in terms of safety as it is completely spill-proof. So, there are no chances of any leaks like other cheap batteries.

VMAX 857 also has the power to withstand vibrations that can be caused by the motor. You can, therefore, give it a tick on safety, especially for its AGM structure. If night trips are in your mind, VMAX 857 should be your deal.


  • Designed to accomplish heavy-duty tasks with ease
  • Extremely durable for being made of tin-lead alloys
  • Performs with no glitches in spite of frequent discharges
  • No maintenance required at all like the addition of water etc.
  • Light in weight and quite portable


  • Fails to keep the motor charged for long
  • Instructions not given sufficient

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ML35-12 – 12V 35AH U1 Deep Cycle AGM Solar Battery

Deep cycle batteries are always a hit if you are taking them for keeping your boat powered for at least some hours, and Mighty Max ML35-12 has similar capabilities. Being a zero maintenance battery, this 12v trolling motor battery supports a very compact shape, making it easier to fit any trolling motors. The good thing is that it has a high discharge rate as well as a deep discharge recover. electric trolling motor battery

This means that this battery is not only good but fast enough to charge up your boat. Moreover, it has been designed to work at wide operating temperatures, which makes it versatile enough to work during all seasons.

One of the aspects that stands responsible for its exceptional performance is its calcium-alloy grid, resulting in long service life. What also makes it stand out is its Absorbed Glass Mat technology along with a valve regulated design.

So, even if you decide to use Mighty Max ML35-12 for any sort of indoor purpose, you can do so with ease and that also without fears of leaks or spills. So, Mighty max is indeed mighty at the best budget as it can also be used in diverse applications like engine starters, electric vehicles, motorcycles, solar toys, portable gadgets and more.


  • Extremely compact in size and designed to fit all motors
  • Zero maintenance and very high discharge rate
  • Charges your boat faster and keeps it active for long
  • Completely spill-proof that makes it much safer


  • Charge does not last long
  • Not very durable

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Universal UB121000-45978 12v 100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery

Here comes another super-power Absorbed Glass Mat battery from the house of Universal Power Group that will now deliver an astounding performance while you sail on the waters. With a spill proof body and an assurance to stay away from routine maintenance, this Universal UB121000 just weighs 63.93 lbs. best boat battery for trolling motorwhile its dimensions are 12.17 x 6.61 x 9.16 inches.

Just fix any angle and you can mount it there with no hassles. Installation, therefore, is not an issue with this portable boat motor. Even when it comes to resisting shocks, Universal UB121000 is a real warrior.

Moreover, there are lots of motors that make tremendous vibrations, and this good trolling motor battery once again is a champ in this respect. The most amazing aspect about Universal UB121000 is that it can be used in a wide range of applications starting from measuring instruments, fire alarm systems and electronic apparatus to auto control systems and power supply.

So, wherever you wish to use, this top-rated trolling motor battery can work wonders everywhere including your RV. Also, it’s quite pocket-friendly that finally makes this battery worth in all ways.


  • Spill-proof body that assures no leakage at all
  • Can be mounted at any angle that makes installation so easy
  • Can resist shocks with no complications
  • Safeguards strong vibrations without affecting the boat
  • Can be used in multiple applications right from electric apparatus to measuring instruments
  • Capable to work for recreational vehicles


  • Longevity of the battery is weak
  • Not a consistent performer

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Exide XMC-31 AGM-200 Sealed Maintenance Free Marine Battery

Take a look at Exide XMC-31 that has been said to be one of the best trolling motor batteries to power up boats. Right from its starting power of 1110 MCA, it holds a superb cycling ability at impressive discharge levels. Exide XMC-31 even responds well in case of high energy requirements. Say, if you are dealing with RVs or big marine vessels, this battery will deliver a great starting power and deep cycle. kayak trolling motor battery

Thanks to those AGM separators that initiates rigid element compression, allowing more than 4.5 times vibration protection of heavy-duty objects. Furthermore, it comes with a cover made of polypropylene that ensures complete protection and longer life as well.

With its low impedance design, Exide XMC-31 charges your boat in quick time and also ensures that it stays powered without any glitches. It even has a greater shelf life in comparison to those flooded batteries. Boat owners would even find it convenient installing owing to the over-the-top handle.

Furthermore, this battery never complicates things, especially during electrical connections. Therefore, if you have plans to deck up your new boat and keep it active throughout, go for this energy booster without any delay.


  • Superb start power
  • Commendable discharge level that makes it perform like anything
  • Meets high-energy requirements at its best
  • Protects against vibrations caused by heavy-duty objects
  • Easy to use with an over the top handle
  • Involves no hassles of wires while making electrical connections


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Vmaxtanks Vmaxslr125 AGM Deep Cycle Trolling Motor Battery

If heavy-duty batteries with no chances of delivering dangerous gases are the need of the hour, take a look at Vmaxslr125. This 12 Volt battery is just sensational at 125 AH and can run solar power systems like anything. Belonging to the SLR series batteries, this high-quality deep cycle battery has a noteworthy longevity due to its military-grade alloys. best trolling motor battery for the money

As a result, it can withstand varying temperatures and can run in all conditions. Having a self-low discharge rate, Vmaxslr125 holds the power to back up applications in standby mode. Those who preserve energy from wind turbines will find it extremely useful.

Marine Solar panels ranging between 175 and 450 W are best used with this type of battery. Owing to its compact size, it becomes much easier to install. It has dimensions of 12.9 x 6.8 x 8.7 inch (L x W x H) while it weighs 75 LB, which makes it quite portable.

The maximum charging current it can hold is up to 35 A while its charging voltage is 14.7. Easy on the pocket, Vmaxslr125 is indeed a good pick for all boat owners.


  • Meant for heavy-duty tasks
  • Emits no harmful gases during operation
  • Efficient enough to run solar power systems at its best
  • Built with military grade alloys that makes it quite sturdy
  • Can work at extreme temperatures without any hassles
  • Extremely portable and compact in size


  • Charges very slow and not effective
  • Cannot charge solar panels strongly

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How to Choose the Best Trolling Motor Battery?

Once again it is that time of the year when you might be willing to move out your boats for long hours of fishing. Just imagine how thrilling it would be when your boat will be decked up with lights and there will be music surrounding it like anything. Amidst the ambiance, you will all be ready for fishing, and thereafter a sumptuous dinner. But for all these, what you need is a very powerful battery for your boat that would keep it charged and at the same time ensure that everything on it is safe and fresh. This means that you need to get the best battery for trolling motor by all means.

Believe it or not, it’s not a difficult task. You just need to know about a few of these batteries, which would instead help you in making the right choice. Let’s take a look what you actually need to know:

  • Look for wet-cell batteries –

The best thing about a wet-cell battery is that it holds the ability to power up a boat for long. It should not only be powered to take you aboard but it should also power up everything whatever it is carrying. So, these batteries are ideal for these types of conditions and last for 1.5 to 2.5 years, which, however, depends on the usage. Remember, these batteries have a thicker plate that actually gives them the power to stay charged up for a long time. This too will help you from getting into confusions with a cranking battery.

  • Check your budget or pick AGM Batteries –

There is no harm investing in something that is going to give you more reliability and quality service. Yes, AGM or Absorbed Glass Mat batteries are known to last longer and are also popular for their unmatched performance. Although the price can go up to twice as high as wet-cell or deep cycle batteries, there is no question in terms of its longevity. Therefore, if you think, performance and longevity matter more to you instead of cost, just go for AGM batteries. Moreover, with minimal discharge rates, what could be worthier than AGM batteries? Remember, these batteries last for about 3 to 4 years.

  • Trendsetters go with lithium-ion batteries –

If you are new to marine batteries, you might be allured by lithium-ion batteries. Although these batteries are a bit pricey, they score much higher in terms of longevity. Believe it or not, lithium-ion batteries last for about 10 years. So, you can understand how much they can make you pay. But if it exceeds your budget, AGM or deep-cycle are good ones to pick.

  • Check the Amperage Hour –

No, it’s not Physics that you need to get indulged into but Amperage Hour is simply the time as to how long your motor will be able to stay charged. So, go with a high-rating battery since the higher a battery rates, the longer it runs. So, whichever battery you are going for, make sure to check its Amperage Hour.

How to Charge A Trolling Motor Battery:

Trolling Motor in the boat requires the specialized deep cycle batteries to improve the performance of the boat. Below are the methods to charge the Trolling Motor Battery.

    • Mount Trolling Motor within 2 feet from the battery. The Trolling Motor is waterproof and submersible so it does not need any cover. LED indicators in the Trolling Motor Battery are visible.
    • Connect red leads of the positive terminal in the Battery. Trolling Motor Battery works in both directions so it does not matter which one to use.
    • You need to make sure that other Red Lead must not be touching anything.
    • Connect the Red Lead to Positive Terminal in the Trolling Battery
    • Extend the Red Lead when the trolling motor is mounted. Now connect Negative Terminal of batteries with each other.
    • Use 10 Gauge Duplex Cable for Extension
    • Cut off existing terminal with Red Lead
    • Connect Negative Terminals of both batteries
    • Get return path for charging the current in trolling battery
    • Black wire of duplex cable goes between the batteries
    • Connect Black Lead with Negative Terminal in starting battery
    • Cut off green wire leaving 3 or 4 inches in the case for connecting it later
    • When the engine runs, Greenlight will indicate that it is connected to Trolling motor battery and shares the charge
    • When the engine turns Off, Green Light goes out with indicating batter isolated in the Trolling motor do not run down.
    • Red Light should not be ON. When the red light is ON then it indicates that battery is overloaded then automatically shuts down for protecting the battery. The battery will automatically reset and continues to work after the cooling and you need to determine the cause of the problem.

Benefits of Using Trolling Motor Battery

While choosing a best battery for your boat, you might be left with only the fact that marine batteries are intended to power up boats and nothing else. However, it’s true that marine batteries can do a lot more apart from adding power to your boat. You might be carrying a lot of things on it that also needs to be taken care of. So, here lies the might of a marine battery that will power up multiple things in your boat and that also without making you spend lump sums out of your pocket.

So, if you are heading to buy a best deep cycle battery for trolling motor of your choice, here are a few of its benefits that will certainly help you. Take a look:

      • Heavy-duty performance –

One of the greatest aspects about trolling boat motors is that they are designed to meet heavy-duty jobs. In contrast, if you bring on ordinary batteries for your motor boat, it will take almost no time to collapse. Therefore, top trolling motor batteries for being made of sturdy cases, can withstand the shocks and vibrations caused by motors. So, when it comes to choosing a reliable battery for your trolling motor, it should be either an AGM, deep cycle or lithium-ion.

      • Cost-effective –

Money matters a lot because when you buy a new thing, you tend to stay skeptical. Well, trolling motor batteries leave no doubts in terms of their cost-effectiveness as they are much more powerful and long-lasting in comparison to ordinary batteries. Moreover, you will never repent on investing into a trolling battery because these batteries never collapse, resulting in a shortage of power. Rather, they are the most dependable source of energy your boat would love to have.

      • Sustains charge for long –

One of the most important reasons why people prefer buying a good battery is that it can sustain power for long. When you plan a trip where your boat has a major role to play, you will always want it to give the best of service throughout the trip. Therefore, nothing can beat a perfect motor battery in terms of sustaining long hours of charge. If you are planning to spend a few more bucks on it, do so with pleasure.

      • No overheating issues –

A common problem with batteries is that they overheat, causing the device to burn off and blast. Just relax as this is not going to be the story with a trolling motor battery. This is where the deep cycle batteries stand out as they have the capacity to not only produce a full cycle but also regain full charge. Also, AGM and lithium ion trolling motor battery are good options and they neither cause any overheating like other typical batteries. So, if you want to keep your boat powered up for hours and that also without any chances of overheating, get a marine battery today without any second thoughts.



How a Trolling Motor Helped Me Love Fishing Again

Fishing is an art. It can either be a business or hobby or recreation. Fishing is done with some planned strategies and involves nature’s luck. It also involves making right decisions quickly under certain circumstances. Fishing is a multi-billion dollar business carried on in different forms. If fishing is going to be your business or fishing regularly is your hobby, then you probably need a boat. To run or operate your boat efficiently during high waves, trolling motor is an unavoidable one.

Trolling motor is a real game changer. It has made fishing more simple and comfortable. Let’s discuss, how trolling motor makes your fishing easy.


  • Replacing traditional pedals:

When we operate Traditional fishing, the first thing that comes to our mind is about the difficulty of pedalling or rowing a boat. The difficulty of pedalling or rowing totally neglect fishing by few. But trolling motors have replaced the traditional one. By easily controlling the trolling motor, we can focus on fishing rather than focusing on pedals.  You can simply move around the boat and catch fish flexibly as pedalling work is automated by trolling motor. Also, save your time and energy to relax in a better way. Take your children without any restriction and enjoy fishing.

  • No worry of high wave or wind:

The sea does not stay calm all the time. Agree? You do agree if you have a fishing experience. The main speciality of a trolling motor is that it works smoothly in high ways and strong wind. The boat remains to float balanced during strong waves which make your fishing worry-free. Pedalling or moving with wooden sticks during a storm is a very difficult task. Trolling motor relieves you from such task and moves your boat in the required direction without much difficulty.

  • Run by remote:

Trolling motor also comes with remote control option. This makes fishing little more convenient for you. You can sit at the other end of the boat and the trolling motor can be fixed at the other end. Without moving from one end to another end, you can easily control the motor with a handy remote. This helps fishing easier as you need not move frequently to the other end by disturbing the other person. So relax and enjoy the technology.

Some trolling motors come with the foot control pedal option, which allows you to control your boat amazingly effortless.

fishing experience with Trolling Motor

  • Acts as a Backup motor:

When your gas motor fails, trolling motor acts as a backup motor. So no more trouble when your gas motor fails in the middle of the sea or lake. Big gas motors can disrupt the fishes. In such case trolling motor acts as a better option. If fishing becomes this easy who doesn’t like fishing?

  • Move faster:

Trolling motor helps you to move your boat. When the lake is filled with grasses and other plants, then it becomes difficult to move your boat by the traditional way. But with the help of trolling motors, you can move the boat without any difficulty in any area.

  • Noiseless:

The main feature of trolling motor is that it runs muted. When you move on a traditional motor with pedals or wooden stick, you might probably make noise and disturb the fish to run away from that place, which in turn makes it difficult for fishing. But trolling motors runs completely noiseless which in turn does not frighten the fishes. So you can catch fishes in a calm and relaxed manner. Though you hear little noise outside, it stays completely silent inside the water.

  • Bigger boat or smaller boat?

Never bag about the size of the boat that you have. There are a variety of motors available in the market with different weights and sizes which can very well suit your boat. Therefore be wise to choose the right trolling motor for you’re a boat and have fun with fishing in a relaxed way.

The modern technology has automated every single work so that you sit back and enjoy fishing to the maximum extent possible.


Now that you have bagged sufficient information on the best selling trolling motor battery and how to choose the right one for your boat, it’s time that you chalk out your options, analyze your budget, check your boat requirements once again, consider your budget and then proceed. If you wish, you can always talk to professional boat owners and then make the choice. Well, keep all those pros and cons in mind, and you are surely going to crack the smartest deal for your very own boat. Be wise, think twice, don’t be confused and invest with confidence while purchasing a best trolling motor battery.

Good luck!!

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