Top Rated Trolling Motor Plug – Buying Guide & In-Depth Reviews

A Trolling Motor Plug is a device used for making a connection in trolling motor. It is the most crucial part of a trolling motor. You can only rely on a good motor and battery if and only if the motor plug is of good quality. A good quality plug will never end up in loosening of connections. It will not have heating issues; will be comfortable with wire and much more.We can find a large variety of best trolling motor plugs in the market. It is up to us how we choose. Some of the best quality plugs are discussed below.


Top Rated Trolling Motor Plugs : Our Favorite Options

  • Attwood Trolling Motor Plug
  • Material : Molded Rubber Connectors For Quick Easy Connections Between An Electric Trolling Motor And The Power Source
  • Voltage - 12V
  • For 12-volts D.C. Only. Two holes For #8 Fasteners.
  • Material : Watertight Sealing Cap And Corrosion-Resistant, Plated Brass Electrical Components.
  • Box Dimension : 2h x 5W x 9L. Weight 0.3lbs.
  • Volt : 2 or 3 Wire Configurations On 12 To 36 Volt Systems.
  • Material : Watertight sealing cap and corrosion-resistant, plated brass electrical components.
  • Voltage - 12 to 36 volt
  • Box Dimensions 2h x 5W x 9L. Weight 0.3lbs.

MinnKota MKR-18 12V Plug & Receptacle

A good product with assured quality is the MKR-18 Trolling motor plug. The brand MinnKota ensures its customers with high standards. You can never find a better plug around. Its simplicity made it most common and sold out trolling motor plug. Its dimensions “9.1 x 5 x 2.3 inches” make it lightweight, with only 2.4-ounce weight. You can easily find this minn kota trolling motor plug on the world’s most popular websites. The product is rated 4 stars on many shopping sites. Its design is not complicated and is very plain sailing. Besides its size, it performs more than its capacity, making it a well-organized trolling motor plug.

Best Trolling Motor Plug


  • As it is an electrical device, the company has made it water resistant. Water does not enter the circuit. As it is mostly used in boats, it is necessary to protect the wires and prevent the water from entering the device. So, people using this MKR-18 Trolling motor can easily rely on the product.
  • Whenever we use an electronic device, there is always an issue with the power supply. The device can be operated with three different 12 Volts battery as it has the potential from 12 Volts to 36 Volts.
  • As all the water bodies contain dissolved salts in them, it may damage the product. But the material used for manufacturing the product is of high quality. The company uses superior plastic which does not allow water to enter the device. Moreover, this plastic prevents corrosion due to salt water. Salt water acts just the same as simple water.
  • The company makes it easy to connect every type of wire by making its body design as universal design. Whether it is a two pin wire or it is a three pin wire, this plug can be used for multipurpose.
  • The material is very superior with a very high melting point, and also it prevents electric shocks.

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Attwood Trolling Motor Plug

It may look very simple, but overall it is a very effective and good quality product. It is somewhat heavier than the previous one, but it is not much heavier. It weighs around 4 ounces. It is a high rating product on online sites with a mostly 4.5-star rating. It has a three pin wire made high-quality rubber material. Less heat is generated while using this trolling motor plug. It uses a grizzled body design, unlike most of the trolling motor plugs which use a neoteric body design. Most of the people prefer this type due to its candor.

Trolling Motor Plug Reviews


  • It uses hilt connectors with over 5 inches long strap.
  • There is strong weather cap which withstands the rough and tough surroundings. It is simply a holder called receptacle, which is enclosed by a tough plastic integument.
  • It is very easy to make the connection that is holding the rubber wires with the motor. But sometimes, it is very challenging to make the right connection. This happens due to fitting issues. But due to rubber body, it can adjust itself accordingly.
  • If we look at the device, it seems to be very simple, sensitive and trifling, but it is very tough and tenacious.
  • Unlike the previous plug which can withstand the potential of 12 Volts to 36 Volts, this plug can only withstand up to 12 Volts. If the potential goes higher than 12 Volts, the device may burst.
  • Most of the people often neglect this plug due to its simple body structure. Moreover, this plug does not look water resistant, unlike the previous plug.
  • Although having some demerits, this device has a great quality. The wires are much stronger, and they can withstand huge stress.
  • It is water resistant, and it can perform a variety of functions in a trolling motor.
  • Similar plugs of different brands have high prices in the market. This is thus considered as a cheaper plug.

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Minn Kota Trolling Motor Plug & Receptacle

Here is another trolling motor plug by Minn Kota. It is designed with a very good quality material, which performs well in rough and tough conditions also. The superior quality of hard plastic is used in the manufacturing of the body of the device. It is similar to the first motor plug (described above). With dimensions 10 x 3 x 6 inches, it only weighs 4 ounces. It is heavier than the MinnKota MKR motor plug. The customers ensure its customers with the high quality of the product. If you are looking for a good quality plug with low cost, then you can easily trust on this trolling motor plug.

marinco trolling motor plug


  • Similar to the MinnKota MKR plug, it also has a prevalent body structure. This means you can use a two pin or a three pin wire for this plug.
  • Also, it has the potential between 12 Volts and 36 Volts. So, you can use a single battery with the potential difference between the given voltages, or you can use three batteries with 12 Volts potential difference.
  • The company provides simplicity in the product by manufacturing a standard size for the mounting hole. 1 1/8″ diameter is the most commonly used size.
  • As it is quite similar to the MKR plug, it is also water resistant. Also, the high-quality plastic protects you from getting electric shocks, which is the most common thing while buying an electric device.
  • This high-quality plastic used for manufacturing process makes salt water act as simple water and does not allow the water to enter the inner circuit of the device.
  • The high-quality plastic not only protects the device from the salt water but also it prevents oxidation that is corrosion.
  • A large amount of stress on the device cannot heat up the device. In case the device gets heated up, it will not affect the working of the plug.

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All these are the world’s best quality trolling motor plugs. All are easily available on online shopping sites. By features, the MinnKota MKR is the best among all. It is slightly expensive than the other two. This plug has the highest star rating on the internet, by its customers who have used this product. If we look at the cost and working, the Attwood trolling motor plug is an ideal choice. The last one that is Minn Kota plug is somewhat expensive, and people do not prefer expensive products. Hope the above information would be helpful for purchasing an efficient trolling motor plug.

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