Trolling Motor Troubleshooting Tips


Trolling Motor is the complete line of electric-powered motors used normally in the Fishing Boats for moving around. The gasoline-powered motor is much simpler to operate and reach more distance at great speed. However, there could also troubleshoot problems that are caused by the electrical motors, engine parts, bad batteries and many others in much more complicated manner. Here are some of the Trolling Motor Troubleshooting issues that are common and know the tips for solving the issues.

Trolling Motor Fails To Start:

When the Trolling Motor fails to run, it would be a difficult situation on your fishing trip. Knowing the cause of the problem is the most important aspects as it is efficient to solve in much easier way. Check out these tips to resolve your engine starting problem.

  • Fuse or circuit breaker in the Trolling Motor could be dry so you need to make sure that it works properly
  • Replace the switches or fuse that could have already blow up
  • Check out the plug for bad or loose connection
  • Fix plug properly
  • Each and every connection in the trolling motor must be thoroughly checked in case of any loose wiring due to corrosion.
  • Clean the corrosion and the fix electrical
  • Check the Propeller and it needs to rotate freely
  • Check main rotary switch in Trolling Motor
  • Replace or Fix the rotary switches
  • Check if any total battery failure and you need to recharge with appropriate voltage level.

Excessive Noise And Vibrations In The Trolling Motor:

Sometimes, the Trolling Motor could create more noise and vibration while turned ON. Of course, it could be quite annoying when riding the boat. Excessive noise and vibrations could be much harmful to the batteries on-board. When you face these problems, then you need to check on the exact cause of the problem to solve it.

Trolling Motors could be the most complicated device in the technical unit and it is possible to face many technical problems. The problematic trolling motor could be very difficult to handle so particular units need to be replaced accordingly. In order to fix problems, you need to understand the important parts of the best trolling motor and it is prominent to know some troubleshooting tricks.

Power Loss:

When Trolling Motor does not have enough power to charge with ample capacity of the battery, then it could easily create the problem. The Trolling Motor could not be able to get the required thrust of charge. A possible cause would be propeller so it needs to be cleaned and removed. Propeller needs to be replaced when particularly bad. Battery voltage could be very low so you need to fix the problem when the battery is fully charged. Corroded battery connections could be the main cause so you need to clean the terminals and posts thoroughly.

Difficulty In Rotating The Foot Pedal:

Trolling motors with the mechanical steer models are designed with the foot pedals for controlling motors. Most of the users are facing problems with controlling motor and turning foot pedal.

  • The outer tube could be bent or bind against column. You need to check on the bend and straighten it.
  • Broken or the displaced bearings could also cause severe problems so you need to fix or replace it
  • Cable needs be replaced when worn out
  • Foreign matters could also jam the rack so you need to remove the rack and clean then grease it before use

Motor Fails To Run Above Certain Speeds:

When the Trolling Motors reaches the certain speed, then it could decrease performance abundantly. There could be bigger problem or minor inconvenience that stops the speeding of the trolling motor

  • Loose wiring on rotary switch could be a cause for the problem
  • Check on wiring blueprint and adjust correctly
  • Loose connection in top housing could be an option and they need to be fixed
  • Damages in the Main Rotary Switches of Trolling Motor also causes the problem so it needs to be replaced accordingly

Maintenance Tips:

The user needs to know all Trolling Motor maintenance techniques so that it would be a great option for increasing the durability and power of the motor.

  • When Trolling Motor is used each day, check out propeller for any kind of fishing line, weeds, or any debris could be wrapped around
  • Check out all pivot points to lubricate using non-aerosol lubricant