Vmaxtanks MR137 AGM Marine Battery Review


So, the wait is over! If you’ve waited for a battery with a lot of storage power, which could help you in trolling your motor, then here it is! The Vmaxtanks MR137 AGM Battery can power your boat all day long.

Our Honest Opinion on the Vmaxtanks MR137 Marine Battery

The battery is even better when matched up with a compatible motor. It is a 13-inch marine battery and weighs around 75 pounds. Well, it is stronger than it seems to be. It has been designed for the heavy loaded applications. This battery has an excellent suspension system as well.

Coming to the maintenance, it is absolutely free and hence you can rely on it. The battery lasts for a long time which makes it better than the most. It can easily troll for 8 hrs. Also, it provides good voltage and charging it is easy and fast. This battery is the personal favorite of many people and you will know why as you read on.

First of all, the service which is a bonus point. This product stands out in the market as the best among all the other batteries of same range.

Vmaxtanks MR137 AGM Marine Battery

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Features And Specifications Of The Product

  • It’s a battery specially designed for heavy duty use. It can withstand rough usage and has a long lasting battery of 12 volts
  • Yes, it is of a very large size but don’t worry as the weight is easily portable
  • The battery provides 1740 A and 900 Amps of power
  • It has a large storage capacity which allows it to power up for a long period with a 120AH capacity of 230 minutes
  • It accepts the charge greatly and can be recharged very fast
  • You don’t need to worry about the product wearing off on its own. It has a low rate of self-discharge
  • The battery is maintenance free because of the latest technology used in it
  • The battery is appropriately sealed so leakage of any chemical is not possible
  • It is custom built with metals and alloys to withstand heavy and rough usage
  • It has a charger which has the microprocessor controlled mechanism
  • The product is a completely reliable product and it has a long lasting life. If used with proper care and perfection the product can last up to 8 to 10 years
  • As it’s a heavy-duty battery it can be used in any weather condition and it is resistant to heat too


  • It is a powerful battery and doesn’t fail in the heavy duty situations. Serves excellently when it comes to rough usage
  • The product provides high performance and durability. It is because of its high-class technology
  • It doesn’t need regular maintenance checkups. It is because it has the glass mate technology used in it
  • The battery can run for a long time without discharging quickly. So that’s an advantage when you use it for a heavy duty situation


  • The battery might come up to be too powerful. Especially if it is used for trolling light motors
  • While charging the battery extra care must be taken. The battery can sometimes overcharge
  • Not suitable for lightweight motors. One has to switch to different batteries for lightweight motors


From the above-mentioned features and specifications and the pros and cons. we had a detailed study of the product. This brings us to the conclusion that the product is very good as a battery for marine motors. It is a battery which can be relied upon. It has a lot of positive features and a battery which is liked by most of the people. It can be used for rough usage and it provides satisfactory service. Nothing can be a replacement for this product and it can be easily affordable. It is because it doesn’t have a high price.

Check Reviews & Price On Amazon