What Is a Deep Cycle Battery


For a layman who has a car, the battery that operates it would be a simple battery. You might think that the auto and marine batteries have a very similar look. But, the internal design and the components tell a very different story, as they tend to differ.

There are different types of marine batteries. The starting batteries, the deep cycle batteries, and the dual purpose ones. The ones that we are going to be explaining in this article, are the dual purpose ones.

What Exactly Are The Deep Cycle Batteries?

It is important to know how the deep cycle batteries are different from the others.

The starting or cracking batteries have a particular design. These designs enable them to discharge power in a very large amount. As a result, they run for a very short period of time. But, the deep cycle batteries are the ones that discharge lesser amounts of energy. They operate for a longer period of time.

Working Of The Deep Cycle Batteries

Trying to understand the working procedure of a deep cycle battery? There are some things you should know. Trust me, they are important. It is necessary to know that these batteries are a bit different from the starter types. Why? Because the amount of the energy discharged is different.

The designing of the deep cycle batteries allows them to discharge a small amount of energy. Also, known as ‘deep discharge’.

There is a big difference between a deep cycle battery and a typical starter battery. It is the amount of energy that they discharge. The way in which the energy discharges is also important.

The deep cycle batteries are also known to discharge almost 75% of the capacity. And that too without going through any serious damage. But, the safety amount differ from one manufacturer to other.

What Is a Deep Cycle Battery

Selecting The Correct Deep Cycle Battery

There are many different factors to consider when selecting a deep cycle battery. Some of these factors include chemistry type, applications, reliability, and price as well.

And why do you think it is an important task to choose the correct battery for the application? Well, because all you want is proper service and good durability right? Battery maintenance is an important thing to consider here. If your site is accessible, then the flooded ones are the best option.

But, if the site is in a particularly remote area then, the maintenance is not a sure thing. For those cases, the gel batteries or AGM ones are the best options. Apart from that, considering the price is also a very good option.

For some other important factors, read ahead.

  • IEC Testing:

Make sure that you look for the third-party results. These are helpful in selecting a deep cycle battery. The manufacturers take the help of the testing companies. These companies measure the validity and the accuracy of a battery. You will be ensuring that the battery is able to meet all the rigors of deep recharge and discharge cycles.

  • Life Span:

The life span of a deep cycle battery is not difficult to determine. It can be determined by the number of charge cycles or discharges that the battery offers. The capacity of different batteries that come from different manufacturers might be similar. But there is a certain differences as well. These differences are in the design, quality, materials, process and other factors. The factors can control the life span of a deep cycle battery.

  • Capacity:

Make sure that you have info about the capacity of the deep cycle battery. Also, make sure that it is a proper rated one for the general application. Any battery that has an insufficient amount of capacity will over-discharge. It will have a shorter life span when compared to a good-capacity one. Also, having an over-sized battery isn’t a good idea either, as they will cost more and add no value to the work.

  • Brand Name:

Brand name matters when it comes to the deep-cycle batteries. Thus when you are selecting one, make sure that you choose a company that has got a name in the industry. The company that offers the best and the most reliable materials is the one you should choose. Quality is all that matters and you want the best.

With the help of the following factors, you will be able to select the best deep cycle marine batteries for use. Make the right choice as they are pretty important.